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AK `A ... Today I wrote to YOU ..... BUT YOU CAN NOT SEND BACK

How many days have passed, a month dozens of puppets on something .... I can not remember anymore, and I never once I chat, dating, how many days it ,...

UK `ah! that is why, still love, still desperately broke or when I do not know, who love each other but because this is where .... who love each other without having while both very close .. .. UNIVERSITY ah, people often have a saying "a lot of greed," "burning, then went out", but I'm with the British dearly, loved the first intense, burning star has never gone after receiving roi.tu I love him for now love for you is very normal, not passionate, intense or not amorously, my love and you are not burning, not burning bright between the dark night, it just fire with fire is too little, too lonely then slowly throw went out, so that love is always smoldering in me that he did not know ......!!!!!

General ah `! .. this is one nhunh letter I wrote to him and perhaps it can never reach him and he read them yourself thinking about, and understand my mood at this. Sometimes he would make me think of what to think, is sad and hard to make yourself so deeply for his first love .... I truly love him but can not do anything for you feel lonely , you must live in solitude and remembrance in vain a lot, but she was happy, happy to be loved by him, despite feeling that for you just a little, and little time with me as well as but it looks like it has an invisible string that is tied up as they re-think and control and always think of him. Although only a day, an hour, a second appeal or a loved how he brought me happiness, day, hour, minute and second that for him nothing and do not leave a mark in me, but for one second I was also a love affair and full of happiness, a second glance and just sink in the past, but for me it's a memory, an anniversary, a marker and lie deep in my heart forever.

If it is time to forget him you have to do it ...... how do you know my first love, how not, it seems that both may be sitting once said, speaking kindly, not to hold hands once called love, so that they take two years to be able to forget him ......!!! That love is just love of school age, innocent and not know what, how much time but I can also forget him, I fell in love, and love them very mature, legs and earnestly to the children, if they forget me now that time is long indeed .... you can not know and do not want to endure suffering and torment while trying to forget.

There are probably only a few days he will have to leave this land, seeking the path of long-standing reputation that I choose, I know that path, the path he is going extremely hard and time kh, but I believe in his bravery, by the people you love that place and have a great energy, I believe he will do what you want and stick with it, ... then they both would love to go Where to ... in fact he and I can not know and I know him now the list is the career leading and love just at the end of life nhunh things everyone should have, he will go on the path he has chosen, will take away all, and may the love stories of both are also rather far from here, if there is not I ???????????. ..

Actually the two together we see where that ball, let alone anything so far ..........!! back hundreds and hundreds of thinking questions I want you to answer, but I know I could never let you know the answer that you need .... is not I .....??

I love ah `! I often call him so ... I have known him as I love you just how happy, so happy to hear he is not?,,, then later you can still call me like that again ?........ love come and go so I can not hold it ...... he `ah now you know how I miss you khong.anh only gives me pain all .... maybe that is why I love anh.boi because it's easy to forget the joy, and it hurts, then never.


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