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Aishiteru (or "I love you!")

The first time, Huy Huong fists to her laughing while you're on stage sea. 2 nd, Huy Huong fists in the elevator when a power failure and whispered, "Aishiteru" ...

Perfume Gang Gang locked bike and run to the elevator. The session should also be invigorating ride for hours and still going up late like this, sometimes frustrated, but because of "great love" Hana Yori Dango, which is hard Huong two sessions a week to learn Japanese. Fun is the only, my friends in class is very fun and people love anime manga at all.

- Huong ah, may then, she has to. Well, my group agreed the script for skits for presentation already! - The U.S. says a glance, do not forget to enclose a great smile is ... more perverse, hic.

- Sub-empty body? Well, on the subject of Japanese traditional wedding á?

- Yeah, and you play offline ... the bride. This lovely body that, ha ha!

- What coooo? - Huong hetvao My ears, facial expressions it a panic that the whole class turned to look and laugh ....

Play as the bride, which means it will be instant speed online search of wedding traditions of Japan.

Play as the bride, which means it will have to start learning some Japanese songs recently to also answer the question of the teacher.

Play as the bride, which means it will have trouble wearing a white kimono can not describe.

And more importantly ...

plays a bride, which means it will have to "marry" the groom is Huy - "hotboy" This Japanese class!

Heaven and earth, that much alone is enough to mind Perfume spinning up, then, that the teacher entered the classroom, "Konnichiwa," but it did not know that offering up anymore!


Huy Huong and sit in My home for the uniform scenario. Realistically, only the conversation between My-Huong and My-Coat, but ever talked to Huy Huong was no where. So the new situation "bride" and "groom" thin softly sat listening "matchmakers" My sport is any great sport like this:

- According to Japanese tradition, previous wedding ceremony will be eating when asked (yuino), the two families met at the banquet table, exchange gifts and prepare to celebrate the upcoming wedding. But now the ceremony has been stripped and then, just give the groom bride engagement ring and she gave a gift to be ok. So the script should skip this section, only married in the temple, okay! - My loudly. Perfume really admire the leadership and speaking style of the U.S., though the U.S. is already assigned it the role of this bride here, hic.

- The Guide and I need prepare anything? - Huy asked tentatively.

- Kimono white of the bride and groom's black shirt I had borrowed it from the heart, while white dress prom dress ... then take the temporary borrowing of Perfume eyebrow. Cha also have much to say where, is important as "wedding" at the temples and Shinto rituals sansankudo they have ... you do not laugh, that's all! Finished it, now ... so hungry, so I'm looking for things to the kitchen to eat three of them.

- Well My dear, I had to learn this now, I have to hurry . - Huong remembered that.

- Heaven and earth, you may not know it was raining? You're cycling then ill take it. Had sinusitis, but then ...

- Hic, so how now, I do not break on you.

Voice suddenly interrupted Huy two little words:

- Guide To pass away for me. Guide to bike to my home, when finished I put My Huong get the car home. Fast pull away late for school Huong.

Huy definitely say, take a raincoat in the car to the Perfume basket and then quickly took the car out. By this time they did not know how anymore, Perfume Huy climb motorcycle, do not forget to throw a crooked smile to my Xếch. My smile back horrible its perverse, clapping as Huy (?!) And two kids waiting reporters that the car turned into the new lane.


- Perfume study?

- Hang Bong, just recently. In fact remains that his bicycle, the United States on issues of importance that's all.

- My say is true that, very little rain, but it's cold, wet girl cycling very easy to fall ill and more.

short distance, so just say a few miscellaneous things that have arrived. Incense alight, said shyly:

- Tiling school again thanks to my children a strap on the U.S. get the car right then, do not need anymore trouble Huy.

- How can I? My fear of being yelled at me ... much!

- (Laughter) is that. Um, thank Huy nhé. Um, "thank you" What is it ... ah it, arigatou!

Huy laughed: "Sayounara!" (Goodbye) and launch the car. Perfume watched the car go in the rain John John, suddenly smiling. Now, it has to know why flood Japanese girl in class so ... preferred Huy

the following days, two kids at home or gathered in the U.S.. Drama is just secondary, almost three of them just browse through the script, the script is finished practicing again, and sat there throwing eight fluency. Ever Guide your little boy is the capital, the U.S. is only a best friend. Although the U.S. has always told, "You are talking very little there, so why on earth !!!", less said Huong often be afraid to talk to someone. But sitting with the U.S., it's much more confident, with both, Huy is also very enthusiastic and her openness. Some days two little hungry too, insisted that the U.S. embraced a lap to finish chit chat, so self-Huy Huong and opens into the kitchen to cook instant noodles to eat. Promote open drawers for flour and shouted:

- A, My entire house this Japanese noodle!

- Yeah, but we'll eat Korean style ... Chewing ! - Huong put pot on a stove and turn to speak.

- How is the?

- The food in the pot ... but why! - Then two little laugh. On the second floor is also a baby listening anxiously down and chuckled, hihi.


Because the subject is quite difficult, the primary purposes only need to reconstruct the ritual represents teachers should allow them a presentation in Vietnamese (line, My breathe, the Japanese capital by the EC of all three horrible!) The class flurry, the cosplay group , the singing group, the group made bento and sushi, while the theater group's My-Huong-Huy, there are a pile of "props": kimono, porous layer into a crowded house ... that can not be described. My back Migration Tutorial:

- DO NOT laugh when they're "celebrating" the house, there is not a bad tick!

Huy Huong and Promotion of the Promotion "and Then, continue to sit and compare "Boys Over Flowers" with the original Hana Yori Dango (!) When the "bento" meal is nearing completion and Huy Huong new go green dressing, as it heard back My English on the inside:

- About 70% of the marriage ceremony was conducted in Japanese style of Shinto (Shinto), the remainder being conducted in the style of Catholicism God, Buddhism or some other direction. The wedding was held at a Shinto Temple - Shrine (only the "temple" them up with foam group) to report her marriage to the gods, according to Christian rites. The bride wore a white kimono with elegance, the groom dressed in traditional black (and Huy Huong came in, the class clapped ram ram)

Perfume hitman wearing a white kimono barrels, red face back up, perhaps next Huy same. Try to hold your lips tightly pursed smile, looks extremely ... two kids back into shape bride - groom nervous and blushing on the wedding day, hic.

"At weddings, the bride
and notes 3-in-law will be exchanged for another cup of sake called "sansankudo", that is, 3 of 3 by 9 - the number symbolizing the eternal. The bride and groom 3 clicks in a sake cup set of 3 small to large. "

Huy Huong and follow, the class order also intently watching this important ritual. Then a white prom dress instead Perfume (customary ritual meant was finished, the bride back to everyday life). "After the wedding, the bride and groom give their parents flowers mutual gratitude to them was the father of a half of life."

Supposed to play here is perfect and end, if the "father of" two people - both close to symbolize America - not too expressive a "role" as such. Faces "tolerant, kindly and noble" as America has ever said about her role as mother-ball ... could not help being funny. And so ... the shoulder of the "bride" run on the railing, some kids in the class to attention and giggles. My son panicked look before you laugh - absolutely not in the script, but still keep calm and pretended explanation continues: "Some brides will cry at this, because this is when she was officially step of the husband. "Perfume is even more ridiculous than do.

was in danger of flooding, Huy put his hand suddenly clutched my hand ... Perfume, Perfume shock as meat and lips instantly flooded again (!) My sighed with relief as "bride" was "normal" again, end of group presentations in the applause of the barrier fence and the class teacher. Command and direction of cleaning up and dressing, still shy Oh Perfume is embarrassed because the "problem" a while ago, could not say with Coat of any sentence. After the class, and glared up being glared down the U.S., Direct sit and watch the rest of the show. Huong did not know, have a look at its eyes narrowed as intently and laughing ...

At school, Huong everyone for trying out and then go down the elevator to the press. Shortly after entering the cabin, the Huy Huong ran to rush and hit the close button of a lift. Perfume (back) was startled, and laughed except:

- Arigatou!

- Thank me of what? - Huy laugh.

- Huy Fortunately, because I only have helped laughing, not sure if I'm butchering the U.S. too, hic!

Huy silence, and Huong do not say any more. Two children stand still in the elevator today dear is suddenly going slow is slow, and eventually it froze ... again, the cabin lights off Phoof. Elevators lost electricity, haizz! Perfume plopped down to wait, mouth quietly singing some questions confusing. Perfume suddenly saw a hand grab his arms. Perfume third day startled. Coat your hands are. Turn, see Huy Huong has sat down from time to time, and stop your ears tell Perfume extremely warm voice: "Aishiteru."

Perfume nhoen laugh, he understood the meaning of this sentence. Lamps light up the elevator, and two children holding hands, walked out the rain today so strangely beautiful ...

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