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Adieu my first love!

nè I visited him again, I do not want things back to me repeatedly that this must not he? Today I did not bring him a branch of white roses anymore, they brought him many commissions ....... nè color breakup, he saw no good huh? The wind lay my hair flying, she recalled what he had said "I can see the wind caress your hair up like you're ..........". Thi Nai wind never lost forever, but the truth is I have lost someone they loved. Suddenly she smiled at me, I know I will remember you as you now. Commission also revealed she brought him smile, like smiling with you. I did not cry when he first visited nè! I just laugh when they see me from the galaxy. Even though I'm in the sky that I still remember him, first love of my dear.
I'll love you a lifetime - a day he had promised - and he made that promise to me "and he would love me until I am no longer breathing." I feel so much happiness. But the joke was accidentally as a curse for you and for me .... I have gone to the mother earth ..... leaving their children.

I thought as long as I'm walking on a road full of mournful, sad. I know that he broke down when he no longer knew in this world but you must stand up and move on. I also hand ones should not allow their children disappoint them. Well, then wait for the next life I'll always love you very much! I also promise to life after his sentence with the promise "will no longer ask for time to breath" for him. This a thousand times I'd never forget you, I'll keep my figure even though he never met

Everyone told me, now he will never return, I do not should live in such nostalgia. But when alone, I'd miss him. Now I'm sad I only say this and think of me for my heart feel less empty.
I'm still smiling, still innocent as a smile that day but had lost the fresh, sometimes happiness is not visible should not he? Let him sleep! Rest assured nhé! I will live as good as I do not know how to suffer, do not know what is broke, I will not cry for love broken, do not bother trying dear person to me ok !!!!! I'll redo my own life, where he let her calm, I'll do an adult really matter the way you walk ..... alone !!!!
He turned heel on the pedal confused situation
small broken pieces then
I love silly looking everywhere who have lost loved
River still flowing, not stressful
Located on hand pillow, dear love!
Now very real heart love pain an hour past where
drag of quality consciousness of my heart
Minutes lemon ecstatic mother
quiet afternoon wandering the streets Hoanh tubers Jacob
Yes, the UK, so remember the name!
By maylangdu

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