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99 ways to deal cause sympathy for women

1. When he returned home to find her first to embrace.
2. Ask a specific way about what she had to do (for example, the doctor who you like)
3. Practice listening and asking questions
4. Instead of trying to solve her problem, please express sympathy.
5. Set aside 20 minutes to take care of her every day (Do not read newspapers or do anything else during this time)
6. Her cut flowers in a surprise gift for special occasions.
7. Take a few days ago to discuss plans for the weekend rather than waiting for the 6th last night asked what she wanted.
8. If she regularly preparing dinner or turn to her that her cooking seems tired or busy, you should do instead.
9. Compliment her on how she looks.
10. Respect her feelings when she is upset.
11. Offer to help her when she is tired.
12. Put your plan on time when traveling to not rush her.
13. When you are going to be late, call to her.
14. When she asks for help, say yes or no without making her feel she is wrong to ask.
15. When her feelings hurt, be sympathetic and say "I apologize for doing so", then be silent so that she saw your understanding. Do not offer solutions or explanations at all (eg explaining he is not your fault)
16. When do you want to be in one yourself, tell her that you need a little time to think.
17. When everything was done, let her know what was bothering you so she imagined the worst.
18. Please speak to one something useful for the house (such as home remodeling, construction and heating stove ...)
19. When she talks to you, put down the paper focuses attention on her.
20. If she is constantly washing dishes, then you should wash helps her thong
21. Pay attention when she is tired or angry, you need to know what to do. Please help her by doing one of the "must do" items.
22. When you're out, ask her to buy what is needed and if so, do not forget to pick it up.
23. Let her know you want to stay a while or leave.
24. embrace at least four times a day.
25. Phone call from work to ask how she or share a something interesting, even to say "I love you."
26. Tell her "I love you" at least 2 times a day.
27. Prepare bedroom.
28. If she washes your socks, your socks out so she must do it.
29. Notice to garbage.
30. If you are out of town let ni phone number you can call to let her and let her know that you arrived safely.
31. Wash her car.
32. Wash your car clean with her before.
33. Bath before having sex and if she likes perfume.
34. Let her side when she is upset with someone.
35. Take foot massage, back, neck to her.
36. Hold her tight, caressing it passionately but not necessarily sexual.
37. Let her listen patiently to share something.
38. Do not press the remote control to different channels when she is watching TV with you.
39. Do not hesitate to show love to her in crowds.
40. Taking her hand go limp.
41. Need to know she loves to drink when you need it can offer her a choice.
42. Suggest different restaurant each time out, do not put the burden "do not know where to go on her.
43. Get season tickets to see music and drama ... she likes
44. Create the opportunity but two people can dress up.
45. Be sympathetic when she offered to change clothes.
46. In a crowded place, so pay attention to her than others.
47. Please consider her more important than the other girls to show them that she always was the center of your attention.
48. Buy her an outfit (bring photos of her clothes and sizes to help you choose the seller).
49. Buy her little gifts like a box of chocolates, perfume ....
50. Take pictures of her special occasion.
51. Finally she break holidays short but romantic.
52. To picture her in my wallet and return with new pictures taken.
53. Once at the hotel, have them prepare something for something special like a bottle of champagne or sparkling in the room, a glass of apple juice or a nice vase.
54. Please write the inscriptions on the presents on the occasion of the celebration of two birthdays.
55. To drive the car on long trips.
56. Drive slowly and safely - to respect her choices.
57. Notice how her attitude and made remarks such as "Today you look very happy," or "You look tired", and make such questions as "How do you fit on?".
58. When taking her out somewhere you consider the way forward so she finds herself responsible cm as pilots.
59. Take her dancing or take dancing lessons with her.
60. Be surprised by the small piece of paper with words of love note or poem.
61. Treat as delicate in her new love.
62. Be interested in home repair problems, say "today you free, do not know what is needed to fix it?"
63. Please sharpening kitchen knife to her greater.
64. Or buying glue to stick things that are broken.
65. Or replace bulbs as soon as it fires.
66. Read out loud or cut out articles that interest her.
67. Record what others take for her private phone when you hear the machine.
68. Keep the bathroom floor clean and dry after taking a shower.
69. Open the door for her.
70. Portable food for her things,
71. Laptop help her heavy boxes.
72. During the trips, porters pile of furniture.
73. If she washes the dishes, please help her scrub pots or other difficult tasks.
74. Making a list of things that need repair in the kitchen and make you have time, but remember not to take too long.
75. When she cooked a meal, compliment her cooking.
76. When he heard her say let's look into her eyes.
77. When talking with her occasionally be holding her hand.
78. Be interested in what she does during the day, the books she read and the people she associated.
79. When he heard her say, let her know that she expressed concern and interest in what she says, by offering words of expression.
80. Ask how she feels.
81. If she's sick, it should be inquired of her health, as she is doing and how to feel.
82. If she is tired, she offered to make tea.
83. Be prepared to go to sleep two people one time.
84. Kiss and say goodbye before you leave the house.
85. She laughed at the joke.
86. Say thank you when she does something for you.
87. Every time she made the first or the other type, please change expressed praise.
88. Let's create not only the second time with another person.
89. Do not answer the phone or the intimate moments she is sharing the love of his injury.
90. Let's ride, only a short distance.
91. Organize and prepare a picnic.
92. If she handles the laundry, help her take clothes to the cleaners or wash yourself.
93. Take her for a walk without the children.
94. To negotiate with her to show her that you both get what they want. Be careful, do not play a husband suffering must be sacrificed.
95. Let her know you confess to miss her away every time.
96. Please buy her a bread or dessert she likes.
97. If she regularly have to go shopping, sometimes she wanted to go shopping instead.
98. Fun at times you eat out less to feel full of stagnant tired after that.
99. Ask her comments further comments on this list.

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