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9 of "killing" the love

Life marriage or dating is not always "cool roofs sweep rowing." There are so many things happen not as I own one. So, if you do not know the tolerance and understanding for each other, the couple would be hard to live life.

1. Friends and family

It may sound ridiculous by family and friends who have, but it will also become an issue large as the couple does not know time allocation, the interest is for lovers, friends and family members.
Pressures of life issues such as money, children, or past relationships to influence many life partner. If you can not share and pass easily be pushed to the brink of the abyss of love.

3 . Tuesday
guys love made up two more guys, but if Tuesday comes in, it is no longer a purely emotional. Especially if they try to charm you or the other half, the no trust, mutual distrust is likely to occur.

"spoilers" such a large effect to the couple's relationship if you two do not talk frankly and unequivocally that they do not like and just treat them like a close friend.

4. Bad habit

Everyone has bad habits and hard to fix. If your bad habits just petty, petty, and he has accepted, will have nothing to worry. But when these habits make the enemy offensive, it is no longer a miscellaneous works. As said, a dream while sleeping habits, screaming loudly while watching football at midnight ... very easy to cause discord and to couple hours together.

5 . For the enemy knows too well about his

When you are together but always reveal their best comfort excessive, making the two of you just friends rather than lovers. And he / she was not interested in exploring on your dating. Depression, finding a new object is of course because people are always interested in new things.

6. No minded

Over time, "the general contribution of rice cooked the rice, if not careful, the lack of communication about things in life such as work, career ... Couples book "drift" means that each one of their relationship became worse.

Each pursues its own goals as a people want" the regular police department " also a bon chen want in life. When this situation occurs, if two people can not choose between desire and satisfaction, the breakup is inevitable.

7. The past exists

The past still exists and that you always compare him / her with the past, you will never have a better future. Learn to accept the present and the past buried.

8. Independent and dependent

Independence is good but if the autonomy and the settlement of all the sole discretion and that all their decisions are correct, you will make enemies and disgruntled feel forced.

Men and women must have a shoulder to lean times of sadness or failures in life but if often depends on the opponent, you will make him mentally inhibited by always having to worry for you as a child.

9 .

Deception Deception is final and is also easily kill most love. Depends on the extent of adultery and repentance, he will consider whether to forgive you or not.

Kim Chi

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