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8 step finishing ability canopy

1. Attract and win sympathy. Let your eyes do not linger in the left eye as he said. And felt clearly signal when connecting from the enemy, should immediately smiled.

2. In Dac Nhan Tam, the famous book on the art to conquer hearts, author Dale Carnegie once said no to a little secret you make other people feel interesting, that is, appears to be interested in what he said.

Most of us like talking about myself. You ask him what they usually want to go anywhere, do anything, like about how kind people, why they do what they have done so The two will have a conversation exciting, passionate.

3. Do not forget to praise expressed. Of course they lick to nowhere but a word of praise at the right time, right place, it's sincerity can open the door to sympathies from him.

4. Can not believe you, but listen like a dose of aphrodisiac. Be a good listen if you really want to close objects.

5. Just tell the truth only. Heartfelt sympathy and easily one of the characteristics are "sexy" by both parties. Sincere attitude to help you avoid fatigue due to the shell to hide in lies, moreover, will be much easier for you on the path reveals itself later. Should note one thing: Do not mind the steep election too soon.

6. In the role of man to conquer, you might want to target a good impression on her, thinking of his image as a humorous, interesting. If so, do not forget the enthusiasm during the two people sitting side by side.

7. A "trick" is very deliberately ... drag him closer. Do you support or leaning slightly backwards not because want to show the body in a comfortable position. You are talking enthusiastically, positively a problem suddenly dropped his voice so deep, warm intimacy not because ... out of breath.

All because you want to pull him closer to her. Enemy will have to close because they want you to see clearly, to hear all the words you say. (Note that does not shy away from lest the enemy believe they have body odor problems).

8. Sense of gender impact makes it easy to shiver more than the time two people are courting each other and may create a feeling of "electricity flashed" on the whole body tingling.

You realize the power of the light knock down? Take advantage. When two people have the more comfortable, go rub lightly on the shoulder or touching him gently on the arm when they say something interesting.

Ensure inside the two will campaign on a silent feeling hard to describe, even collision can become memorable in the future.

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