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8 includes steps of love

Like the ladder, from meeting to marriage, you must go through many stages: Getting to know, makes love, dating, Love, was released, future plans ... Do not want to slip down the original location, should be the most intelligent, clever.
1. The first greeting
You have about 15 seconds to express to her the confidence, charm and a bit strong, to let her know you are assertive.
If she expresses interest in, the road has prepared for you already. After several minutes of lively discussion, ask for phone numbers.
2. First call
Only a small portion of men who are brave enough for the shooting, to go quickly proved himself "on the" little guy.
Within two days, call her, introduced the name and suggested a date specific "next Thursday, you may want to dine with me? I pick you up at 8 nhé!" .
The first date should be in the evening of weekdays. Weekend evenings for appointments Tuesday onwards. Never say, "if you free this week ...".
First appointment she has to, so at least she has feelings for you. Who knows, she also outlined the plan romantic with you again. Every little dream, the more confidence when her party.
In a conversation, can take the initiative, but her gentle touch, such as placing your hands lightly on the back of her when you take her to the dinner table or up the stairs. It shows that you care about her safety.
Please end the date sooner than you want with an unmistakable gesture of a man is mature caring: put your hands you were her hips and gave her a kiss on the lips, it's definitive. Call her within 24 hours to let her know you had a great evening and invited her to go out again.
4. First launched her parents
According to one report, for every seven women has been a "blackmail" her boyfriend because her parents do not like him. So see, there are two specific consent is nothing more meaningful.
Give them a small gift, like a bottle of wine or a dessert for dinner. Asking "two doctors these days are you?", "Two doctors with or without a walk?" although, as said little, as you seem to seem smart.
Whenever the conversation seems to settle down, give compliments about their daughter. After the meeting, send them a thank you letter, they will be impressed you know.
5. The first serious talk
When she asked "will your relationship going?", Say: "I was thinking about it" and listed the specific things you liked about She, like smiles, eyes, lips, intellect ...
Then say you do not know exactly everything will be headed by a person to understand a very long process. Attack ended with the decision will save you sheltered from the troubles: "I know one thing, this relationship very promising."
6. The first debate
Everything went well, but sometimes you and she can argue. She will evaluate you to three factors: how rude you are, you know how to listen, and then how often you get angry.
Take care, keep in mind the insult. If it unfortunately missed the word, apologize immediately. "The grenade" that will be tied into her head forever.
If the debate dragged more than 10 minutes, or village to another problem, the best is emotional tenderness. Remember tomorrow you promised to listen to her talk. And, tomorrow, after you put the roses arrived, she would be willing to forgive you.
7. First vacation together
Need to ensure that planning for the first trip with exciting. To express an opinion about something important that they both wanted to do, and then, but more importantly, a detailed plan for the time together without heirs.
This keeps you from dragging all afternoon in the store, but she was not tortured by the test done at your rocker.
8. Say "yes"
first proposed rule: forget the cliché questions. She will admire your creativity forever.
If you are the type who like to go out, she would think of a romantic proposal when both walking. Please plan ahead and practice emotional voice transmission, but do not "play" too.
Before the words of love or Coarse before handing her a ring, take a souvenir that you keep since the new requirements, such as a movie ticket or a love letter.

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