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7 wonders of the world of his own

When I read that people voted frantic seven wonders of the world, each chosen for his own wonder. He, too, but with him, but he wonders selected very special and unmatchable.

1. My tears when I cry

You really touched to see tears rolling down my cheeks. No buildings, natural settings that can make me so excited.

Every time I cry, my heart cries, as well. He grieved himself did make me cry. Your tears are precious, so do not cry because of the fall in life, do not cry when you see the lies of those who do not appreciate the sentiment. He wanted to see the tears of you when you receive love from life and from happiness.

Thank her tears as they helped him realize what is right , is wrong, I realize how truly important.

2. Children's smiling faces when you smile

What he wants most is not the scenes look at sunsets or sunrise, which is my sparkling eyes, radiant of children every time she smiled.

He had repeatedly seen the sun rise on the sea, sunset seen hidden behind mountain, it's very nice. He had once thought the most beautiful scene in what they saw. As he caught the eyes of children laughing, I know it's nice to me above all else. I always laugh me ok. This is the wonder of it very special.

3. When you fall asleep Peace

much to see you when sleeping. When confronted with life are honking, people crossing, the noise ... see you sleep everything seemed to disappear. No noise. I just lay there with a quiet space and peace.

4. When you sulky

Whenever I sulky, corner of my eyes, my eyes make me really confused. You told me to see how much I need you and can not be without you in this life. Thanks for what you bring. He will try to come a day you really proud of him whom you love.

5. As I held his hand tight

As I held his hand tightly, leaning his head on his shoulder, that moment I gave him a source of strength, hope, aspirations for a similar me and my future there.

I'm not small when I held your hand, it is you extended his step, is the future that I want, I want to be with you, be near me.

6. When I first leaned on his chest

You make me feel strong. And he wants more mature every day to make a solid prop for you. It is also a resource to encourage him to do what he thought was impossible.

Every child lying on his chest, he suddenly found himself how real value. I'm like a little girl who needed his protection. That makes me want to improve more as the real man you need.

first photos I leaned on his chest is one of the images nothing can compare. One can make many things but nobody can create this magic, wonder and magic for his own fantasy.

7. When my embarrassment, shy

As the morning sun, as the early mist, you're beautiful every awkward. Space seems to stop, everything blooming and his lovely children.

Sometimes beautiful things are what the human eye can not see, can only feel from heart.

In the sense of theology, the number 7 is the perfect number. So which one to choose the seven wonders of the world rather than 8 or a 6. And what people choose what is most beautiful. The same goes for me, you are my world, everything he wanted to live, he is the world's children.

She was a special person nothing can compare with the I own them for yourself, just have me you have your own world. Despite people saying in any way with the world of their own, they are the most beautiful wonders of me I can trade everything, do everything so that the children are his world.

Let me ok stay strong, he takes care to protect and preserve what you have, I have ... it is always the original beauty can not fade.


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