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7 warning signs of marital

If the relationship of the two you have the following hiding effect, it was alert and you need to have the treatment reasonable time to improve, before it's too late ...
1. The argument of the two you place on a regular basis. Unconsciously it becomes a habit, any issue that affects you both feel uncomfortable and want to war with each other.

2. You yourself find themselves looking for fun, sharing, caring relationships in the outside rather than with his wife (her) own.

3. You can not remember things in a mate has at times attracted you first encounter of the two.

4 . Two you little or no closer together. Two people sleeping in separate rooms, or two different beds, and found no attention to that frustrating.

5. The couple spent little time together. At this time, friends seemed more important than the wife (husband) you.

6. Two you are overly reactive to what the other person is not satisfied. For example, feeling his wife (husband) does not love her because he (she) does not like to cook their meals.

7. You feel helpless and hopeless to change anything in this relationship. You feel the need to do something but do not know where to go, what to do. All is a mess and you always live in a state of anger, fatigue, boredom, pain and despair.

If the relationship of the two you have 1 or all signs on, it is in the alert and will not be long before things get worse will happen without the timely intervention.

Tip: Before any conversation is so bad, do not save a few something like:

1.Hay seek psychological therapy.

2. Read books about family life and gender to find out the underlying causes and remedies.

3. Talk to a specialist or psychologist with older people who have authority to seek the advice, assistance in time.

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