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7 vitamins more 'substance' for love

If someone really found a" commensurate "with her is not an easy one-story then the other- remote-wonder people think you are suitable for them even more difficult. Bit confusing, you interesting!
But sometimes the problems that do these guys in the was" sighted "by the illusion of a healthy relationship. So how is a new relationship "quality"
Let us find out, check back love Trade your love with one another nhé!

First, hope that you and other special people you love and treat each other well. If you feel the relationship is making you more concern, then simmer on calm, be gradually eased any early severe heatstroke and reviewed, seriously, this preview of the factors necessary and sufficient under Here there is a subset of your offline and i do not:

1. Respect each other

This means you are behind it because you love yourself is not nobody else is fake head start! And make sure you are listening, understanding and sharing, even when you whispered about a problem do you uncomfortable.

Respecting each other means being aware of the value remaining in their hearts and absolutely never a test of patience because you are way too excessive paranoia home.

2. Believe

You're talking to a guy who generally learn English class, the next step is your guy. He has expressed no dissatisfaction or weave nature and not step over you because he knows when you will not deceive?!

Sometimes, a little jealousy will not cause chipping at all - it is merely an emotional expression of love. But, how can someone new is jealousy is remarkable nè. A relationship class will forever be a dream if lack of vitamin T, which is believed there friend.

3. Honesty

This is the best friend believes that it would be unreasonable obstruction by when to trust someone dishonest. Have you ever found out she was my special thing to lie properly? As she said to make up essay on the evening of the 6th, but turned out to be his friends gathered with her? Then dozens of suspicious busy times continue to do what you no longer eager to believe her anymore, that's when the trust was pushed to the brink of it!

4. The support and encouragement

It is not only difficult times you need a new "enemy" encouragement and support you '. In a relationship matter, the other one will stay right next to, lend you a shoulder to cry when sad, disappointed and celebrate together, swaying in the intoxicating joy of your victory. You should also remember to perform the opposite direction again nhé!

5. Fair

When asked, you have to make sacrifices and get back to go, but also is essential friend. You have a habit of two turns in the movie theater to enjoy not? As a pair, you have to socialize with his friends of his friends who i like my own?

Of course you do not have anything close to the blow count y fair. But you need to be aware when you "for" too much but not getting much. Never one who "top leader" and are led to accept the love you dear, I signed it offline.

6. Democratic spirit

In a healthy relationship, compromise for each individual is required. This does not mean you are allowed to lose their own personality. You two are a pair, is 2 for 1, but the undeniable truth is everyone has a personal life, their own families, friends and hobbies, different habits ... and of course these things should not be disturbed at all.

It should not force myself to do the same with all disabilities who he likes, or as always giving the Assembly to meet with friends, then began his familiar habits, activity everyday favorite. Be yourself and remain abreast of our house parties. Trade is trade, but do not stop to step on the path of his own sisters!

7. Communication skills, behavior

You've probably heard about all sorts of trouble in creating "common ground" between him and her and her baby. We also know that only a brief statement saying "never mind that" there are also differences depending on both the sentence sayings from which side, right?! Fundamental problem here is determining the true meaning that she / he want to convey in words, actions.

Never keep a feeling forever in my heart that just because you're afraid your partner does not want to listen or simply because you think it sounds silly. And if at any time, you require more time to consider a something, an ideal lover will be ready - a clever way - giving you a little private space for you to really think about it thoroughly.

You see, just a little tricky, plus a little observant brave, confident and need most is respect for myself and him, you will realize the connection their relationship is evolving. Ti together to say no to billions of trouble and twist provides just 7 vitamin we've introduced above to add substance to the love of you.

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