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7 things not to do when kissing

There are some things you should avoid doing or saying when you are both expressed in moments of tenderness, intimacy with each other.

Marriage is a romantic action and it is really necessary to show affection and fun. Of course, there are some things you should avoid doing or saying when you are both expressed in moments of intimacy with each other.
Below are seven things you should not do when kissing together.
1. Do not think or say the names of others

Marriage is a romantic action that you take for your loved one. So you should make sure that you will not think or mention the former suddenly while kissing. If the marriage you always imagined images of others, you will cause your kiss is no longer a little taste of sweet romance and love. Moreover, the image of you remember when someone in your marriage that is still desperately in love with the old, this will seriously hurt your current friends. So when kissing someone, you should wholeheartedly with that person.

2. Do not chew gum
When you kiss someone, you absolutely should not chew gum unless he specifically requested of you you do it so you can move pieces gum from your mouth to the mouth of him, as an enjoyable experience. If you kiss him while you chew your gum and he does not know, probably too excited when you show affection, he will have trouble swallowing the residue of such candy. And that will turn your kiss become a nightmare for him.
3. Do not burp and saliva to the mouth too much
If you feel that you are trying to burp, please please avoid kissing or oral sex if you regularly produce too much saliva, you should try to curb it, both of the above will make him feel uncomfortable, sometimes penguin inspired not want to kiss you again since that moment.

4. Do not see it as that can play
While he is passionate kissing and suddenly in your intimate moments on a plan that you play because you think a little more refined childish when you're kissing him would make him more interested. However this is wrong because if you try to joke at this stance, you will immediately pushed him away from your arms and dreams of the sweet kiss ended there.

5. Do not let lack of oxygen
When we kiss, you must have found too hard to breathe when he is pushing the tongue down their throat and block your way of breathing? He would also like you, will hate when you push your tongue down their throat and not let them breathe a little oxygen to make fun broken. So while married, you should do it gently and remember to balance it more balanced rhythm, rhythm is to provide enough oxygen for their partners with the passionate kiss. You can use a period to gently kiss on the neck he made the break advantage in marriage.

6. Do not open your eyes glared when he kisses
When more than one And if you just open your eyes glared will make his kiss became "pale compatibility" and what it seems you are kissing someone you do not have any feelings. Maybe you think that it is not true because you know he looks like when your married you. But you should not do curious things, focus and gently closed eyelids to enjoy the sweet moments of love

7. Do not let your tongue out while kissing
If you marry, your route to his tongue out before the lips touch the lips, this could cause him to push you out when your marriage . You slowly put his lips close to his or her lips, then gently put your tongue into his mouth him. This way, when you do not have to see more of each other's tongue - an obstacle that kisses are not ongoing.

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