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7-day healing

quarrels, angry words over which he has not even look at you anymore. The situation seems to stretch before her, use the "7 day plan" to go below.

Day: Love Messages

Send a message of love to him. You should be easily recognizable in places such as bags, motorcycle, jacket pocket or near the phone or typing on a computer screen.

As soon as you get home, look at him. Tell him you love him know how much of everything and asked him to copy today.

Also you can use other schemes. That is when he is on, you should be holding hands and pulled him towards me. Then hug him, kiss the gift and said: "I miss you so much."

Second day sweet bracelet

When you bathe him, make him or her a warm towel.

Move flowers to him at work.

How surprised him about home with food and drink which he preferred.

On Tuesday: Dating

Arrange a lunch together and say that you enjoyed the two sides were close like that .

On Wednesday : Romantic

Call him at noon to "please" is dating the evening, please paint a romantic fantasy for imagination fly her.

Send him e-cards with heartfelt words of love.

On Thursday: Sincerity

Draw a big red heart with the words "I love you" inside. Remember that picture where he should go over and see.

Cook a dish that he liked and put together to enjoy the candle light.

On Friday : gentle

On a beautiful clear day, let him walk in natural surroundings and expressing in why him back with you so special.

If the weather is not beautiful, you two can talk together, play some interesting games, and watch a romantic movie.

On Saturday: Wind mandarin

Write out a list of why you love him, integrate it into the frame and give him as a gift.

calls for him to just goodnight. Read to him a love poem and ended with saying: "Will he have nice dreams, waiting until morning to see you."

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