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6 ways to re-group his love for you

are frustrated that your relationship is not magic and romance? You feel scared because this could affect or even end the relationship between the two?
For the relationship of two friends after a long time can still be happy and comfortable as early initially, some simple tips will help you rebuild it:

1. Send a unique gift to the guy at work

No need to gift fussy and complicated that you can use a paper and some crayons. Draw a picture of a bright image of two people holding hands as such or whatever you want. Below the picture write "I love you." Certainly, with a simple gift of creative and personal, you'll get a smile of satisfaction as the age-old guy new love.

2. Creating joy for him with a game

If on a hot summer day, you can buy two large water gun and take him along to the beach with you. There you can attend with him a "war" interesting. Or with their own ideas on some games, you arouse in him laugh and enjoy playing with you.

3. Bring him back childhood memories To do this, you go to his family and ask about anything he wants to be a boy. For example, if he wants to have a car model, you buy and give him a birthday. With this, he not only appreciate the gift, but also for your favor because you are a caring, always find out what he wished.

4. Organize a picnic

Please select airy ambience, to organize a romantic dinner just the two. Or you can turn your backyard with a picnic blanket spread on the ground and some snacks, chocolates and champagne. Please lie down next to his blanket and watch the stars.

5. Expressed gratitude for him

Please leave a card or small piece of paper with drawing prompts heart that he can see with a message "Thank you come into my life."

6. Create a new surprise

Perhaps the most profound to revive the spirit of romance in your relationship is that you always create new surprises between the two people. You suddenly give him a small gift after a period of time, take your time staring at each other's eyes for each other and the European swift gesture.

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