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57 cents

A sobbing little girl stood next to a small church after they ran around on the inside but not as "packed church."

"Do not go to Sunday school classes" (Sunday School: classes that are often open to church on Sunday to teach catechism to children and letters), she sobbed to the pastor said as he walked by. Looking at the emaciated form, her sleazy, the bishop immediately understand the cause, and her hand inside, and find a place for her in the classroom.

That night, she went to bed early just to think that kids have no place to show reverence for God. About 2 years later, she died in a shabby apartment. Her parents called for the bishops - who have become very close with her, came to preside over the funeral.

When moving the poor girl's corpse, they found a wallet torn and dirty like the garbage out of jail, including 57 cents and a paper fastener nham prompt few words written on child's nghoech quotes: "To help build churches bigger child may come much class on Sunday. It is the result of two years with my heart saved without any sacrifice of her profit. When you read these words, the bishop could not stop crying.

Bring the piece of paper torn and the wallet of the ceremony, the pastor told everyone the story of sacrifice the heart of the child. He has spent so much effort to call, raise money to build a larger church. But this story does not stop there.

A reputable newspapers published stories about her, and there is a real estate entrepreneur has read it. He offered to sell land for a large church, which at that value up to several thousand dollars, for only ... 57 cents. Church members held a wide-scale campaign donations and the largest-ever, less than five years amount to 250,000 dollars - a huge amount at that time (nearly a century ago). Warm heart of her greatness was a deserved reward.

If you have the opportunity through the city of Philadelphia, please visit Temple Baptist Church (Baptist Church) with a capacity of 3300 people, and Temple University, where hundreds of students study. And you should also visit the Good Samaritan Hospital (Hospital charitable associations) with Sunday School, where for hundreds of children attend classes on Sunday, and will no longer have children in the region standing outside on Sundays anymore.

In a room of the building, you can find a picture with her cute face girl, who for 57 cents and their sacrifice, made a statement myth.

Right next to it, the picture of the bishop - Dr.Russell H. Conwell, author of the book "Acres of Diamonds."

It's a true story, completely true, demonstrates what a noble soul and heart to sacrifice may be, with only 57 cents. (Quickinspirations)

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