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500 sheets of the same mother

When I was little, going to school every morning she bought for 500 yuan sticky rice for breakfast, but she only drank water and then strained a stomach rushed away carrying goods vendors. I'm tired of eating away forever, not eating anymore phiu serve. Mom promised me that the other dishes. Next morning I smell the odor from the kitchen. I winced, but she still eat delicious cup of rice lowland.
Since then, the day I am not my food fried rice is also clear away small. Seeing his friends in school snacks to eat everything I crave, ask her for money to buy food at school you like them. I only play my 500 the same morning. I do not know her impartial search of the 500 was hard but could not dare to buy a milking her own that give away both for me.

Mom ki copy each sheet to feed 500 families from the hawkers a heavy burden. I grew up a little, to walk off all bread, yogurt, and a portable tank sitting at the school gates, to collect 500 sheets each bearing the same mother.

I was crying the day that it rained the E, that unfortunately cut 500 sheets of the intestine caused by tearing hurry to get confused. Childhood, I just wish more money for breakfast with our delicious food as you, have your clothes as beautiful as they are.

now earn 500 yuan, but I dare not squander. I was so wasted when I was traveling the road between midday sun poured fire with a heavy burden on the shoulders of goods. Several papers contributed 500 mothers will be back home early, the way she would go shorter ...

I adopted my little sister to college, so the name should part with 500 sheets of hard, great-chiu. Away from school, receive notification each time a field post office money, I envision her emaciated appearance, sat counting the 500 papers submitted for the contract to collect the tears.

Now when grown children, my mother has aged. Bear no burden of floating seaweed, she re-open the restaurant side of the road. I begged her to rest, she worked her mother used to that, do not be sad sitting. Mother said: "I followed the same 500 ki copy for the next generation of children." My tears.

I am determined to change her life and reduce suffering. I had saved a little capital, opening shops. My mother worried to call out: "Do you hear me eat carefully, do not benefit a large ham, ki copy each of the 500, but sure."

I laughed delete, big business, but my mother did not sell in her shop's warts. But then I fooled one almost lost it all, I would collapse, like paddling. The money saved sweat tears for days suddenly shattered. Between the meantime, she sent my friend brought up to 1 million: "Failure will be successful then you know what? I start again."

I opened my mother's purse, all the loose change she collected newspaper each day. Mom always start from the same sheet of loose 500, why can not I, while now I have both contributed millions of mothers and also the experience, knowledge, and in my youth?

I have to stand up and start over. Every time trouble, frustration, I remembered her, to 500 sheets of the same mother. Mom always encouraged me to send mail. Now I've got a spacious machine shop, the business is going well.

In his diary, I pressed a sheet of 500 anniversary of the mother to remember her teaching: "Always start their lives from the same sheet 500. If I would have tried all ".

-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------


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