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5 ways to help you find a suitable half

Options choose how to love? Based on the analysis and investigation by experts, there are five ways to find a half line with character and people. The sisters can be based on their actual circumstances to choose from.

themselves form the beautiful women, smart , with little success on the job, but slightly higher arrogant, definitely not want to marry, as a child does not want "as a tree, remove all the pine trees." Over 30 years old, you really want to break up with single life. However, you still feel that love is fresh, lively and in love you require the full fine. According to you, love brings a new flavor, it stimulates you in every way, just might rejuvenate my heart just makes you gentle man, flying. From there, you see that you are loved, valued and life will become more poetic for you.

If so, you should choose a philosophy informed by this type of man usually loves art, philosophy and psychology. He's very sensitive, gentle and also very ideal. However, this type requires a man in his half high, and they all think love is a beautiful love peaceful, elegant and holy. In fact, the artists gender environment is very diverse, complex character as well, so you should be cautious when choosing their own half. If you have little beauty, cute voice, ruddy skin, good job, but too busy to do the job because you always lose the feeling of safety. You should choose a half a caring and responsible care for life. You just love to go, because every love, every time you are trained to grow in life and love will eventually find their own happiness.

If you have excess body weight 10 kg and mixed a bit masculine , not of the type of work too well, you should choose a state employees and officials, was busy studying, little contact with his daughter. At that time, you should have little initiative to get yourself happy.

If your health is poor, very ill again, unfortunately lose their parents early , you are lucky enough to learn where to choose. Surface can not exceed your beautiful but you have a beautiful soul. Maybe you're working at a newspaper that, work quite smoothly ... You should find yourself a half-literate, can be written, avid reader and the work is not to travel on a regular basis. Love does not think is lost, you'll be happy there!

If you do not fall on the fourth group, you definitely belong to this group : You are not too pretty, not too good, normal job ... Thus, you should not put yourself should find the high or low, rich or poor, married or not, but remember, anyone who is exposed yourself believe what you've

This life is not the girl who can not find his half, just a little confidence and low standards, you will have your happiness.

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