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5 ways to 'break' the guy's thoughts

Many times you wonder:" He is thinking, she said. However, boys are not always easy to share their thoughts and their feelings.

1. Let him see that you are interested in what he said

A man not easily open up if he does not know that you care or not. One of the best ways is to use sign language. How to show interest in your extended arm, he leaned forward and let your eyes "see" the guy's eyes in a natural way.

You can also nod or raised one eyebrow to let him know that you are paying attention to what he said. You feel the mood of the guy. If he looks very sad to tell a story, you should also express emotions like sadness and showed him that you are standing at the guy's position.

2. Do not make judgments

a man does not tell you really think if he knew he would be criticized or criticized. You should never say comments like: "Why are you can do things like this is it?" Or "That's something I'll never do." Let him have the freedom to express themselves openly and honestly without being judged, and what you really surprised about the results. You do not have to tolerate or agree with everything he said. You simply create a space for men could freely express.

3. Do not use the word "Why?

These psychologists often say that to remove the word" Why "from" dictionary "of us because the question" Why How often have negative signs and blameless. When you ask him: "Why did you do that be?" Meaning it moved to: "Are you crazy there, why he did it with". You learn to say: "He told me to listen more to go!" Instead of "Why I do it?".

4. Never say: "We need to talk"

Nothing makes a man do not want to talk with most things. His words seemed to convey a message that he was doing something wrong and he is trouble and you will force him into it. He will be silent before the conversation started.

The best way to give an important issue is to make it lighter. Choose a time when both are the same as a fun work such as cooking, cleaning tables, then he would feel more comfortable. You should avoid talking when he is concentrating on work or watch a favorite program.

5. Learn to really listen

Have you ever wondered when talking to him several times you have to think where the first make vague or will be occupied in thinking what to say by instead focusing attention entirely. It is important to listen to him when you're talking to, not their thoughts or external impact. He will feel when you really want to hear him speak. Heard a real man is the best way to really chat with you.

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