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5 things men love and hate

wondering if I'm in love and really want to go out with him. Two people will have a concert date extremely interesting, as long as you consider what's necessary to say and what not to have ever studied.
He does not like to hear you say:
1. "You son of you before ..."
Even if he can go out to do with you? Why must you say they "are" or how do you two like. Even if you say anything, he just heard a thing: "You're dating him, but the hearts and minds in that one called again to send other men."
Although men like to compete, they really did not want to rock in the dating game, especially with those who actually We only take away what shook not sit in the same room with them.

2. "I do not mind if they hear this call from you?"
course he did not even bother saying it out. So, unless this is extremely urgent calls related to the child, in serious condition, do not let the answering machine. One hour reserved for his dating do not be where I die.
3. "What do you think about abortion?"
I'm sure I shall try! Of course he has his own opinion about it but do not like talking about it with me, at least not like. Considering the same date but this is the place to spark a battle for first baby gate. Should save energy for later.

4. "Then I found two gasoline-knit this lovely ..."
Granted, this is going. Me and my girlfriend can spend several hours chatting about shopping, about shoes, fashion clothes, new hair styles, etc. But now I am sitting with his body that he has to first daughter. He was very polite not to tell her about sports, teams, car racing ... jog. I can behave like he is doing?

5. "What do you think about getting married?"
Just ask this question in the first few appointments and most most men think we're going to my biological clock seems to run slightly faster ... there. Did not you do not like home and family, but he was curious about the woman's family before her future.
He also wanted to make love that you love me more than a machine to produce babies. And finally, talk to families where there is nothing romantic.
And here, the sound smooth as velvet ears want to feel young:
1. "So then what happened?"
Very human, a man always like to think that his life interesting. Interrupt the action, or change the subject proved to be bored with him, a sign clearly shows that you are not interested in the story.
sat biting his nails every few seconds and nodded applause once is not enough, sometimes you need to wedge in a few sentence: "You're kidding! So then what happened? "," I can not believe, "" He said to go any further, "...
As Arial; font-size: so, he'll know you're really excited about what he was told, not only expressed interest to have the history that's all.
2. "Impressive!"
Maybe he has just been promoted, was chosen to represent the agencies involved three-sport pentathlon, or has he simply found a way to fix the air conditioning.
Although he has done nothing, if he comes to the appointment, he proved very proud of it. You do not regret not given a compliment?
/ span>
3. "Thank you"
compliment when he said thank you beautiful tonight, said he was thankful invites you to dinner, say thank you guys put on, etc. Very small thing but you do bring a big difference to the soul man.
4. "What do you do when not at work?"
Even with a man, a career important, he will still appreciate many other things in life. He is not running? He likes racing? He plays a musical instrument? A little effort, you will find passion and he has been a more comprehensive picture of who is dating her.

5. "There is this thing you want to consult his"
Men love feeling useful. Advice are women, the guy would be proud. So if you need any advice in buying a digital camera in dealing with the boss, he would be willing to help.
(But he does not like to discuss or comment about shopping, fashion, women, talk to your former lover, then you know why and know !).

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