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5 signs he loves you

If you want to find out if he has feelings for me or not, attention to emotions is reflected in behavior, act or expression of them.

1. Change dress

From a guy with style "freedom", but after meeting you, he gradually changed clothes and looks to impress you.

2. Glance at you more
When you are busy with work, he looked at you and then hold surfing for something right away if you happen to have a look.

3. Always help you
Each time you have trouble, trouble found him again at the request for help, whether it is the most trivial matters. He has really "love" you do that.

4. Gentle
capital is funny like chatting with friends, but as with you, did he use words to communicate subtle or very subtle. Let's look at actions and his behavior with people or with other girls. If he always looks at you and look for opportunities to talk with you, make sure he was "down" then.

5. He mood changes your mood
Whenever you feel the love life, he looks so happy. But if you're not happy, he could not hatch a smile. Even he would find ways to regain your glowing face. Only interested in you, he just made it.
The best way to know how the guy's feelings is to ask him straight. But if you fear "feeling rejected", apply a few tips:

- Going out with friends and chat with them is fun. If he feels jealous or not happy, maybe he is paying attention to you there.
- At first when talking to you, he looks feverishly, shame. But when the story was on the circuit, then, did he share heartfelt feelings with you.
- If you talk to him like other girls, a chance to catch your heart he is number 0. And if you know the feelings that he avoided, maybe he is reluctant or not interested in you.

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