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5 piece show love letters ... or dead daughter

Topic 1: The first meeting of

Hello (Name),
suddenly think of you, he came to write this short letter to tell her that I really like how they are met you at (somewhere). I can not remember that I had an interesting time to do apparently. Everything happened so accidentally and the child and made him feel less afraid of the same children at the center. He is hard to know what attracted me was himself. He said that maybe it was a combination of all factors such as how to talk funny, charming personality and looks very attractive appearance. And even if everything goes as in any way, I still feel the existence of those factors in the children themselves. You can call it a certain character or mysterious or more, or perhaps
it is likely that we in the same wavelength.
I body love, I really hope that the first meeting of our times will not be the last meeting, because each side when he felt something very special hidden inside the mind soul. He wanted to create opportunities for developing relations of friendship between us.
Unfortunately, it was time he should stop writing here. Wishing you (or the recipient's name) a holiday / weekend great, and sincerely hope to meet you soon. When you have free time, I write or phone you and tell you my thoughts.
Please make weight. He would like to receive my mail reply.
My eternal love,
(sender name)

Theme 2: Decision exchange words of love with someone you love

Hello (Name),
These events place in life is inevitable, and he himself unable to control them. Like the rules of natural movement, the sun rising and setting every day, the tide is definitely out on schedule, the seasons still change the rotation, the resident birds to fly to the south find shelter and winter to spring back and pests must adhere to the laws of Nature to transform change into the guise of a beautiful colorful butterfly looks like.
However, I feel very confident about that process because many other things in life are sometimes occasionally browse through your life but at the same time it also reminds me the most wonderful memories.
I love trade from the moment we met, he knows that relationships based on friendship between us will never be changed, and very sacred and precious, as he has been too optimistic about evolved into the beautiful butterfly species of insects.
Darling, I believe that we can come together, under the arrangement and the arrangements of destiny. It is the harmony of two souls have been determined and lasting happiness. So they really shine is the star of his life he brought to light in the world where the presence of black to cover everything, and I also gave him warmth when he was passionate lonely and cold. Main I gave him the promise of change, joy in life, the message is peace of mind expressed willingness to share and care of children as well as stamina and spirit my head is cool wind blowing in my mind is full of tension and boredom as he was forced to address the problem. You are my uncle small swallows of Capistrano guise of butterfly - one of the most valuable types of butterflies in his collection, and he will nurture your love and love you forever.
England (Name posts)

Topic 3: Disclosing feelings for someone you love

My beloved Like a poet needs inspiration to make the masterpiece work,
I need you ,.....
Just as people Artists need themes for my artwork, I need you
Just as the teacher wants his students are adults and advances sets,
I need you so ....,
Just like musicians who need a theme to create a melodic symphony handed down forever.
He was need you ....,
Because without you, life is really no inspiration, no art could satisfy the light of his vision, and without Who is considered a great person to admire and respect him, and no melodic music that can lull the invaluable time of his heart. My life exists only a dull gray and no light is magical colorful and looks like he will no longer be myself again.
Previously, he had never used the words standards most ink to express feelings that I have for you, and most secret feelings remain locked forever in the deepest heart of my heart. And nothing more through this letter, he wanted to confess to you (or the recipient's name) and secret love eternal sacrifice that he is only for you.
Love you forever, I ( sender name)

Topic 4: True love

My beloved of his heart,
I never thought important to know that he was forced to confess to you that you and your love for him to appear any real meaning. He can wish himself to tell her that in the arms and squeeze amorously look into your eyes. However, because the distance between you and me is very far apart, so he can confess his feelings for you, with passionate words used in spam.
I love business, Like you, I regret when we are forced to live apart in such a long time. I know it's hard for me as for them to live apart for a long time so. Life seems to have created challenges for all of us to love, and more importantly, it also contributed to the training I love and sacrifice of love for each other couple. After all, human life is not unreasonable to assume that true love is love borders, invisible and can overcome any adversity. Truly in his mind, if you love stories of couples experiencing challenging, arduous, and obstacles to market and certification are true values ​​of love, the love, the more intense.
I love, our love has gone through many challenges, and I fully believe that what he perfectly reasonable inference because when you live far longer periods of time so, do you really want more children are in close. You are my queen of hearts full of charm and he is respected and Prince dayquyen willing to sacrifice to the Queen. You think about me, and memories of children is always in the depths of his mind, and I sincerely pray that the two-day reunion will take place in our near future.
From here until that day, he sent to me through every mile, faithful love, a warm hug and kiss his most passionate.
still love you forever.
England (Name posts)

Topic 5: Love is perfect

In a long time, he did not take responsibility for one, do not have to answer to anyone and no commitment to anyone except for himself. During his lifetime, he has reviewed the existing world around you and honestly believes he is living a life full and meaningful one. Then suddenly she walked into my life, and he realized that he was lying to myself.
I love, he is the man is not perfect and are looking for something full integrity. He realized that his life is not all like him mistake. Really, it lacks many things including the love factor. Now I've found that love and what comes with it can help people make life more fully thought.
Darling, you are my people but sometimes you have to lie fall in vain, and I've never been able to sign his feelings for you. Truly, I never thought I could be uttered these words, we seek to escape from him without any little effort, all seemed honest and sincere. He will be very grateful if you could let him know his life becomes how shallow. Eventually he will have the opportunity to make it more depth and more meaningful.
I just want to confess this to me, but I know myself I can not describe exactly What I want to say. Instea
d, he can only express mail. Please call me after you have finished viewing the message and we will have an interesting conversation filled me!
Until I receive, I still completely dependent on you both mentally and physically.
My love!

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