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47 things about guys that girls should know

this may help your daughter learn more about the boys jog.

1. The guy does not always like the pretty girls, they like the more neat and presentable.

2. Guys hate it when others joked around her.

3. A guy like you can in a moment, but then easily forget who you are.

4. When he said that he does not understand you, simply because you do not think his way.

5. "You're doing something?" Or "I've eaten yet?" Just the usual questions that he often used to avoid fitting three stuttered on the phone only.

6. All days the guy can go flirt around girls, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care.

7. When a guy really likes you, he will ignore all your faults.

8. The crazy guy is often charming smile of a girl.

9. XY ready to do everything just to get attention from you.

10. Boys do not enjoy listening to your girlfriend about her ex-boyfriend.

11. When the guy you want to meet her parents. Make him feel more comfortable.

12. Son wanted to tell you many things, but they can not. Should they get something to drink spirit and courage to tell you many things! But not often a head start!

13. Son, also cried! But sometimes a few words.

14. I believe it! Do not make the man angry nhé! If you fall, forcing both discord.

15. Some might say that her son never dream or hope too much.

16. Sons often very steep to get emotional girls to find their rhythm, it also makes them unable to accept his defeat.

17. When you touch a guy's heart, he will not easily change where your emotions.

18. Send him an evasive messages like "you know what?! ... Uhm ... do not care! "Can make him come to a conclusion far different from what you think.

19. XY crazy when you touch their hands, really.

20. When courting, the guy is who lick, but I like the girls before they mounted three stuttered.

21. When she said no, he would listen to "try again tomorrow." And that is true.

22. You have to tell him what you really need before he understands clearly the message offline.

23. The son also hate gay names.

24. Mom was always the guy who loves.

25. Guy willing to "sacrifice" their lunch money to buy roses just gave you.

26. The boys often think there was anything that girls like her, but that does not mean he'll like her a head start.

27. You will never understand him unless you listen.

28. Nothing surprising at all, XX is the weak point of the guy there.

29. Son is very open about than.Tham can only say so much about her, especially the ultra-pure themselves.

30. Nothing wrong with challenging him before you put their faith in him, but do not let it take too long to wait.

31. There is no bad guy, even when they are flirting.

32. The boys did not like his dirty clothes where, even a small wound.

33. Guys really admire girls that they like people, even when she's not too pretty.

34. He will admire your best friend, because that is who will give him the advice girl troubles of two people.

35. If he tells you about his problems, that is, he needs someone to listen. You need not give any advice at all. really.

36. A very normal action, it was him or tease you.

37. He's always looking for ways for you to stay away from the sights of a different guy.

38. Guy likes a girl who is smarter than what was a girl.

39. XY always trying to find stuffed animals, notes that girls like, but can he will fail.

40. He can brag about anything.

41. Son can not keep secrets that girls tell them.

42. Son, or think very well there. That's why the boys like girls always have to say the truth, do not want to beat around the bush.

43. Imagination is the guy ... Unlimited!

44. The height of girls is not a problem for him, but the weight is.

45. Sons tend to serious emotional and becoming too proprietary. The girls have to consider it nhé!

46. When he was courting you, he will not be easy for you to go.

47. It's hard for him if someone you love to go after you break up the two, especially when your love has lasted several years.

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