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4 ways to overcome jealousy

Jealousy and jealousy in love is a bad thing: It makes you uncomfortable when he went out with my group of friends. It makes you feel restless heart whenever he mentions his ex or even friends, colleagues of the opposite sex. It makes you not sleep was restless and always wondered who did not know he was doing what with whom.

The excessive jealousy destroys your relationship as fast as the so betrayed each other. We made four recommendations to dismiss the envy of your love.

Search for comments from the 3rd person

The jealousy is an emotion derived from the inner mind and just do your worse. These thoughts can doubt growing up when you keep thinking of keeping it in mind forever. To win the envy of her, the first thing you should do is seek opinions from a third party. It could be a close friend of you or someone you trust and can share. The opinions of the people will let you know how to act.

his Review

The reason you can envy stems from the attitude and your actions rather than from the him. Find out how you can cause the feeling of envy that, according to AskMen, the ever cheated in the past would be a reason why you feel jealous and more than others. The revaluation of the real situation of the relationship with the inner sense of themselves is also essential. If you recognize the problem stems from the attitude or my behavior, please remove it. Remember: Jealousy is an emotion but from the mind, but it can be removed by the external circumstances.

improve ourselves Auto

Remember if you are great people like. The person you choose to be here means you have defeated others even though you may face much worse. To no longer feel jealous overpower you, you not only take care to keep their relationship but also to make themselves known a better day. Proud to know his good points, take the time interested in hobbies and passions of their own, make yourself better so you do not have to bother to talk because their jealous less attractive than others .

Eliminate negative thoughts

Track of your jealous feelings. Every feeling of suspicion or jealousy comes up, you calm down and look at their reasons for that. Imagine that the view of how things will break if you do everything just because of the suspicion from yourself. Then, you will dispel the feeling jealous as fast as it appears so.

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