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4 rules to come to love

Just encountered the first time, you feel immediately familiar and loved him. But want to build a camaraderie and enhanced approach to long term love, you should remember the following key:
1. Never make disparaging or face losing him

Love is feeling and behavior can make your opponent is more loved or hated. So do not ever lose the sympathy of the enemy by their lack of respect from the first meeting. Remember that love will never be perfect but it does not mean they do not deserve the respect and love you.

Also do not be too trying to change him become better because you love them, you should happily accept what belongs to them.

2. Never underestimate the person you

integrity, integrity of every human being is the most valuable assets. Losing it means that you lose your value. If your person does not respect you, talk with them so they get more of your feelings.

If respect is not something that they see the need, you should forget the people that go and find someone to love and respect you more. Initially may be difficult, but life is long and you will feel happy to find the right half of his.

3. Creating the romance for life

Contrary to common opinion that there is no room for romance, especially after two people became one of the other half. They think that loved and understood each other then what they need the romance, no real None.

However, most romantic, the core is taking the time to do seemingly simple things that bring special joy for his half. Let's do something really emotional to speak your love, or simply listen to what people say you love and express your interest only.

4. Always true

Nothing can break a relationship faster than untruthfulness, even lies. In all cases, the honesty is the most lucid. Means do not ever put yourself in situations that you feel the need to lie to him.

good relationship is always built on honesty, so if broken, difficult to heal. Avoid exchange value of friendship - love to you miss just because trot nhé.

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