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3 years since that Valentine's Day

So three years has passed, I still love you as before. Day that I accepted his request, there is already far too much? I love you not because of what he has or will have. I love him because he is himself, he brings joy to me, but boring, he gives me a sense of peace.

I was very happy and I think he can go all the way along this. Besides her parents and family, he is the person I love most. My love for him greater than all things, it helped me remove inferiority, jealousy of his own to that love.
I was as perfect as familiarize myself him. I brought out my own beliefs for him. Was it because I gave him the pressure of time and distance do we hardly harmonious. Then after almost two years, he has spoken out to say, I was heartbroken, I have everything in the crash. I had to try to pass the exam last year. I had to try hard to return to Vietnam, only to see him, hoping he would give me another chance. But instead of irony, when I saw him, saw that sad eyes, I could not stop my heart, I feel, the words I want to tell you, I do not how to say ". And so I let him go like that. Sometimes I feel regret, I should have told me of his feelings.

England, who I love now, there are others, but I'm still here, ready help you when you need to do. He probably regarded me as just a normal friend. I can only love him and help him, but I dare not think he will take from someone else. I just want this concern, only concern for him. I just wanted to express her feelings for him, I would never do anything the line from his friends to be difficult.

I know my love for you is love hopeless love, it can only bring me sorrow. But I feel I owe him major, so what I do now is just to make up for him. When you see him happy, I feel happy, joy, of course, how perfect it is not anymore, because he chose without me.
Every festival season, valentine came, I saw by the Board. Since February is the first day I met him. I remember first going to him, as well as on my very first college lecture hall, he went with me all day, he invites me to the fair festival, but I do not go, that goes with you. But I find his conceptualist between the lines. And 05. 02 went to his birthday, he asking me out, I did not know him away from home. Therefore, I waited for him more than two hours outside the shopping mall. Since that time, I chat with him every hour, every day message. He also take the train to take me to work, though was not always see me, but he made me very emotional. He also played the game for hours just waiting for me to work on. I began to love him from that gesture. And five days later, also in today's three years ago he asked me as his girlfriend. We are together less than a week, was dating. Despite that, but I knew that I would because I love this nurturing.

Now hold just me nostalgic old, but I still believe, in our group, others still gives me happy. I do not expect anything more than that he was always cheerful and happy.

Linh Nguyen

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