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3 Tips to love him

not try to love the guy's weakness, but can learn to master his desire to make him want to be near you. Here are 3 tactics to be considered by the girls.
1. Proved he was wrong

Sometimes you snapped by a bug that caused little guy. Maybe not by the action of men that have other reasons far more profound. Find out the real reasons will help you change your mind and makes people feel more uncomfortable.

First, you should ask yourself what makes you so uncomfortable. Example: He answered your message after hours and you feel like the guy did not care anything about her.

Shannon Fox, a psychologist, Dr. Los Angeles, said: "Find out the evidence that you were wrong. Maybe he should join an important meeting instead of writing sweet messages for you. Indicates the opposite of your guesses will help you curb the discomfort. "

2. Combining both praise and blame

women to love themselves by sharing and comparing relationships with each other, as well as all the associated problems. Words such as "rancid old house that I do this / the other" or the word processing he shall row may make you uncomfortable to see him. But it never seems to be processing something unthinkable. Therefore, when processing a guy you try to find a good point that the guy to pull back. For example "I hate when Mike answered curtly, but that he was planning to arrange a date and very attentive, so ok it." So, you can not share with his girlfriend that still makes him the image in your mind is balanced and not so bad.

3. Look at the positive side

Real matter what the guys were from flour to make you mad. However, you should still find solace in the longer pole. Although he is a sloppy, sleazy, you should also think how to do how it will benefit me.

Look at the guy's messy as it is comfortable freedom, "Alon Gratch, Ph.D., author of" If men are said "to know. Maybe he do that to your discretion should decorate the room like.

Take another example: He was not smart-spoken "type who usually calm and quiet with logical thinking, which is good for you because he can help you solve problems motcach reasonable businesslike," Gratch said.

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