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25 ways to make females vibrate heart

1. Invited her movies.
2. Do not be afraid to lift the hairs on the rabbit hole, or sticky eyes on her cheek lovingly
3. Lightly coat back of her arms when introducing her to friends and family.
4. When traveling general, squeezing her hand when suddenly a beautiful woman dressed provocatively
5. Please call her when you feel sad.
6. Kissed her lightly on the cheek goodbye after a fun evening.
7. Begging to see a picture taken when she was young.
8. If you heard her mumbling on the phone, go to her immediately.
9. Buy her music a timeless songs in the world.
10. Calls for her to drink water, try to enjoy the attention to her tastes.
11. Remember the anniversary and remind other two know each other before she uttered.
12. Send mail to her. Say anything also.
13. When she feels insecure look straight into her eyes and said no one on this earth
with you than her.
14. Please call her as soon as your car or plane trip.
15. Find ways to make her laugh when she is incubated ê.
16. Her pendant watch live sports you like but please pay attention to her
more attention to the match.
17. Be decent shave before meeting her.
18. Hug her when she is jealous.
19. Jewelry gift for her.
20. When both are walking, you should have on hand snacks which she preferred.
21. When her head leaning on your shoulder, let her whisper your name.
22. Please select to open the music she loves when she is cooking.
23. Manually edit or modify the proposal of her things that you notice is the axis
24. Attention when her new dress
25. If she has a "wife", then kissed her lightly on the shoulder as she slept stale stale.

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