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2001 & 2008

in 2001 I used to drink coffee. I like to drink coffee because I want to ... as adults, I want to learn how to think. I like the bitter taste of coffee, maybe I want to taste it because when I was 18, also in 2008 ...
... I used to drink lemon. I like iced tea sitting in the cathedral. Lemon reminds me of a friend in the infrequent but is an essential part of me. I like to drink iced tea at the church, the church bell makes me slightly more heart and help me get the moments of serenity. I'm tired.

in 2001 I started a new day at 6 pm with a lighter body, breakfast, school, buying books, drinking coffee and listening to ballads.

in 2008 I started a new day at 11 hours with his head aches, breakfast, hear a kind of trance can then go to work.

I liked in 2001 out the autumn morning, but I enjoyed the season.

in 2008 I like the quiet. I fear the light, I just want to sit in a corner somehow.

in 2001 stepped into the street with my eyes fixed, smile spontaneously and hearts full of confidence.

in 2008 I stepped into the street with sunken eyes filled with balls, but I still laugh just a courtesy smile. I've lost faith in everything.

in 2001 I always dreamed a beautiful dream about life.

in 2008 I had just experienced a nightmare.

in 2001 or before bed I said maybe tonight I'll meet her ...

2008 before going to bed I do not wish tomorrow morning ...

2001 I desire a beautiful love with a bouquet of flowers may be wrapped in white paper students, two in the Red river dyke.

in 2008 I desire a home and family.

in 2001 I'm happy the lot of friends.

in 2008 I'm lonely quiet road close to both strange and dear.

in 2001 I always wanted to own a good memory to remember so many memories.

in 2008 I want to forget, to forget a lot ... that can not be forgotten.

I was 25 years old. I know the past is experience, not a burden. I know but I can not do.

I like reading stories that have no end of it back but I do not want my life is a story that the end of it there is no post.

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