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15 things to remember in life

1.Cho have to find the wealth of luxury, because it only fool
Do you have passion for the appearance, because it will Fading

2 . Let's go find someone who makes you smile because only
new smile can light up a dark day
Just hope that you will soon find someone who makes you smile.

3.Cau wish you enough happiness to become more lovable, hard enough to make you strong, enough sorrow to be compassionate enough to know their hopes of happiness and enough money to buy each other gifts.

4. When the door of happiness closes, another opens
But we often look so long at the closed door and then can not see any open doors available to us.
We do not know what it was only after losing
We do not know what was missing until it returned

5.Hay always puts us in the position of if it hurts to know that there is little doubt that our people as well as pain.

6.Khoi source of love is to let people love to live like they do not try and rectify them by type our sample
If not, we just love the reflection in our own only

7.Co Maybe God wants us to meet some "other" before meeting someone " was "to finally meet the person as" he "we learn" gift "God has so much meaning.

8.Chi take a moment to feel passionate person, an hour to like someone and a day to love. But we will take a lifetime to forget someone just

9.Khi ignore all emotions, beliefs delusion, romantic love that we are seeing, it is love.

10.Dang sadly, when you have been very meaningful for your life, then again she did not realize the same feelings as you.
And you yourself will have to Or choose
sit there gnawing sadness
or let it pass forever

11.Tinh love begins with a smile, with a progression kiss, ends with a tear or with endless arms hugged

12.Tinh love will come to those who still hoped for although there was betrayal, with the who still love even cherished had been buried at depth of the scars.

13.Se is pain when love is not reciprocated.
But nothing pain in love with a person that could not so they know our feelings.

14. There are things that never want to hear from people hear love
But please do not be silent before what a person says to you with all my heart

15. When born, you cried while everyone around smile when
Please live to die, you smile while those around were crying
They cry for joy known to you.

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