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100 quotation Love - Love You

1.Tinh love never demanding, never gave it constitutional. Love is always tormented, anxious but never protest and revenge (U. Gandi)

2. Image lovers never grow old because every time it's moments are born (V. Goethe)

3. The woman only private confession to speak up when it quietly and simple (Galang)

4. If he who brought gifts to build love there can be no true love, because their minds are full of material desires. The pain can be serious viewpoints love (Ly Tran)

5. Love is a stimulant as it is pleasant, cheerful, but there is a poison to kill the spirit of human life left soft key (the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

6. Hearts of gullible women causing germ, which is unfortunate later (Makerenco)

7. The power of beauty does not go where the woman, but where the weakness of men looking at them (Anonymous)

8. Women smiled trap is more sensitive than the net (La Phongten)

9. Women against heart is an empty beach (Napoleong 1)

10. Women do not like ripples on a lake, but many who drowned because they (Goocki)

11. So many men just love a dimpled that folly whole married a daughter (Licoc)

12. They are in a dream date with fiancé, but when the wedding then they wake up. When filled with love dreamer, awake when taken together (POP)

13. City financial harm because of who I hate. City is excellent with criminal damage because rape. City is in danger because of rape and another (anonymous)

14. He who planted the horror of others will live in constant fear (Clodiang)

15. Jealousy is often disastrous for himself rather than for people who hate (A. Duyma)

16. In communicating to adversaries that do not change you make changes to your enemies (Pitago)

17. To eat at home you should slow down, when a friend in need is to quickly (Xilong)

18. Who or distrust of others that is making his betrayal (Te-Volt)

19. We may live without friends, but can not live without neighbors (Funl)

20. The poor only need a few things, who lavish all kinds of greed (HGOenx)

21. The job is to remind us who you are, who the enemy (E. Dollar)

22. Flattering bring to the people you really are enemies (Platong)

23. Idiot often disagree with both smart and stupid people (Aristotle) ​​

24. Believe half of what he saw firsthand and do not believe what he heard (DMCrai)

25. So who will be fraud in small frauds in large (Bible)

26. Money as well as women: Want to hold you to know how to care for it. If not it will bring happiness to others (E. Balet)

27. If desired, you can believe that can move mountains, but do not ever believe that human personality can change (I-Ran proverb)

28. Knowledge to make us humble, make you feel foolish pride (England Proverb)
In the treatment that was to blame for his wisdom, who is critical of the awkward (Business Service)

29. Many receive advice, but only the new wisdom is the advice to use it (Sirut)
30. When angry sheep, they are more dangerous than the wolf (French Proverb)

31. Who wins in that extremely clever soft, not strong encroachment weak dependence (Ngo Thi Nham)

32. The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do (Oanto Bagioho)

33. I want happy moments: Take revenge! I'd still happy forever: Forgive (Unknown)

34. Enemies old and new friends, if the wise not to rush to believe (England Proverb)

35. Throw a lucky person into the sea, he would sit up with the fish in your mouth (Arab Proverb)

36. Three things never flew again as the name, I had said and the days have passed (G. Dome)

37. Honorary members gems like: Only a small trace obscure its sparkling and lose all its value (A. Bosan)

38. If people throw past the window, it will be back out the door (W. DuyRang)

39. The best horses of the whip is needed; The smartest people still need advice (SATrom)

40. During the two tragedies sdong: Not satisfied desire and satisfy it (O. Oaido)

41. Do not read anything he does not want to remember and do not remember what he did not intend to use (G. Blecki)

42. Words do you curb your slave, forced oral words uttered what is wrong makes you guys (S. Gaphit)

43. Want to bring laurels then at least he must also have head (Italian Proverb)

44. Sometimes I think you hate flattery, but really just hate how flattery only (La Rosophucon)

45. A person can be wrong, a generation can do, but all of humanity can not be wrong (A. Moroa)

46. There are three things most difficult, which is kept a secret, to forget an insult and know how to use free time in a useful (silo)

47. In communications, do not change the characteristics that let you change into your enemy (Pitago)

48. Fool without a word uttered no different then a wise silence (Molie)

49. People wondering if I was crazy wisdom, and wisdom finds herself crazy (U. Sechxpia)

50. Who seek to lead the destiny, who do not want to drag the fates (Latin Proverb)

51. Money is a means of intelligent people, is the purpose of the idiot (A. Docuocxen)

52. If you do not encounter any more problems then it means you have the edge line (M. Ghenin)

53. When you know that I have lived honest lives, we feel better, more comfortable (M. Calinin)

54. Want to make friends with anyone, let's eat some fighting Salt (England Proverb)

55. At home there is no good father, teacher out there is no serious then you can hardly become quite (Travel Vinh Long)

56. An effective critical charge for the wisdom, hundreds more on who cane whipped ass (Russian Proverb)

57. All these pleas were hidden poison next to the inside (Latin Proverb)

58. Never throw mud on others. You can throw the order, and the company sure is dirty (J. Pecxo)

59. If you can go to outwit others, but do not let them know that I outwit them (L. Sextophin)

60. Do not take a draw after just a grain of rice, do not touch the shovel when only a charcoal fire (Xukhomlinxki)

61. Child has only one slave owner, his greed, then it is beneficial to those who are owners (La Bruye)

62. Admire him a star for two reasons: One is because it is light, the other for not understanding it (Victo Huygo)

63. When beautiful, it's easy to forget the vows storms (England Proverb)

64. Love it damages, so the air. If they become a little impatient that defeat the many (Nguyen Ba Hoc)

65. Hear criticism but got angry, he is easy prey for those who slander AFP. See praise but got happy, he is easy prey for those who flattery (Van Trung Tu)

66. Angry man then opened his mouth and eyes closed (Cato)

67. Abstinence is the most aggressive air. Abstinence is the narrow mind. Abstinence is the best financial disclosure (La prudence)

68. Importance of good that people usually expect, commended the injured person or that bad (England Proverb)

69. A carefully thought not to be worried when the four tanks. One day when the cause is not attentive to catabolism hund
red years (Book of Aphorisms)

70. If we think twice before you speak, I will say or twice (U. Pan)

71. In the room are three more interesting playing a question as useful as a rescue buoy (T. Hayodan)

72. Wise people always need to spend several hours a day to ponder (Cabalero)

73. Use but not abuse, it is wise to rule. Both control and are not abundant happiness (F. Vonte)

74. To refuse praise is to be commended again (La Rosophucon)

75. Do not live by what we desire, live according to what we can (Proverb)

76. Lo who won the disorder, their worry is still victory (Lao Tzu)

77. The gap between ethics and bad habits that narrow just enough to wedge into the circumstances (JM Braodo)

78. Do not talk about his happiness with the less than happy (Pitago)

79. To tell the truth than to lie arid Department literal (England Proverb)

80. Those who do not know who is angry and wild. Those who do not want to upset the wisdom (England Proverb)

81. Without knowledge or information as rabies. Knowing that no cure bad as love (Private Education)

82. Our wealth than wealth list (Nguyen Trai)

83. Only the fool and the dead are never subject to change opinions (S. Saplin)

84. Love everyone, trust few and do not offend anyone (U. Sechxpia)

85. Friendship pushed out of his life is like spending pushed the sun away from this world (Xixero)

86. People never taken seriously as a small to cover the naked truth (GLBoan)

87. Not only have the wisdom, but also must know how to use it (Xixero)

88. Darkness is not a reason not to believe in the dark (A. Valentin)

89. Wise man who knows how to limit the ambition is not anymore a good quality (TMBraodo)

90. Each day we should hear a little song, read a poem or say a kind and W. Goethe)

91. Learn to think with your heart and your emotions with rational learning (T. Phongten)

92. Hands is good, but the open hand is even better. (Ratibon)

93. Wisdom is limited, while the infinitely stupid, ... (Goray)

94. All of the wild woman from the man's calf (Mikelit)

95. Arrogance to go first, followed by the corrupt, and the higher self to go before the fall (the Bible)

96. Never give advice unless asked (German Proverb)

97. It seems big for us, because we are kneeling. We stand up! (Mara)

98. A learned man always finds himself wealthy (Fedo)

99. Vain in the abdomen is characteristic of military death, is in vain that the characteristics of primary human (Duylot)

100. A great soul above hatred, injustice, suffering, arrogance (La Bruye)

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