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10 what makes him 'crazy' up for you

You would think if one day he suddenly gentle floating" crazy "that the cause is ... for you.
1. Xoanh xoach change

Monday, he was in your dreams. Wednesday, you decide to familiarize a young hot boy in the classroom more. Friday, you have forgotten Mr Best. Monday already.

2. Jealous

If he really likes you, he will not want to hear you ramble on forever about your best friend or sister known how beautiful your home . So he'll ask you in what he likes, while everyone around you than you are.

3. Depends too much on him

He really wanted to know what you think rather than waiting for an answer already in his head already. So, he asked what use you have it?

4. Forget appointments

If you are planning to dating or call him on a special occasion, then do not ever forget them. If you set your position that he would like? Surely he will upset a week but it always! You forgot his appointment with him, he can figure out because you do not remember him - not an important person in your life.

5. Unduly modest

You've just scored for his team. Yet when he compliments you play, you do as if nothing has pretended to slap or compliment others. Hey, you're lowering the value itself and that even with him anymore! (You know him praise him praise you is not? (Because he is a very talented new mistress giang good as you!)

6. I'm fat too!

He liked to eat fried chicken and a minister with greasy chocolate cups. Oh, all the dishes you should avoid. So rather than eat with him, gates only a portion of your disk salad, along with a breakdown of fat in food he was eating and lament how much you need to sign again. He will be very angry it is offline!

7. Suppose deer

You like to play with his fake deer. You know the answer, but you decide to pretend to know nothing. You know what? , playing with people always do not know what the truth is that it bored you sir!

8. He was always a decision

He like watching action movies, play games, like drinking coffee. But you are quite the opposite. But in the end you do the will of him, and he sure he'll like it. But the truth is he will have feeling he is asking a child rather than true girlfriend!

9. Treat rude to others

The waiters bring you a dish that you request. You broad face and demanded her to do great things. Calm down, you get reputation with others to get points with him, he just put your children 0 to Minister ones!

10. Loss of confidence

I decided to make him see your pictures from your "naked shower rain. "angry with the way you leave the room angry. You feel too ashamed to go missing! But Hey, if you laugh at everyone, even add a comment with the other funny pictures, then this will show you both the confidence and humor are enough to draw him. If not, he would think you would be the lack of confidence - heaven, sir, you can get points deducted anymore.

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