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10 ways to "bring" him to nearly

still lonely and is waiting a white horse prince's heart? He appeared then lo! But you know how to pull him closer? Try one of 10 ways to coordinate them with each other or offline.
1.Luon smiling face The boy liked the girl brightly. Even if you are having trouble, a fresh face has always been sympathetic to the opposite. Also, even when the heart is heavy with sadness, you still smiling, you know that is definitely something to distinguish yourself, something people and not to bring their stories to burden others. Smile always score, so you'll like the sun shone.

2.Ngoan like "cat" Even if you only pretending to listen to it, the boy's feelings as well there are more soothing. The kids often like to take the men's field. So the little girl would be a little gentle sucking the guy. Still, do not show "good" too, he can "raise the hand behind the leg" or you'll despise it.

3.Dung cackle many words is a disease of the girl. Know whether "disease" but my girl does not know how to regulate the "size". "In long, extended into the wild talk," repeated a long-running content that guy.

4.Thu Coarse "Men love with your eyes, women love the ear" but here referring to the speech. Although frustrated, angry to start, you should pour into the ears man the words sweet, gentle.

5.Cham care appearance As mentioned above, his son loved the naked eye, so you should know for their beauty. A girl who knows the advantages and charm, what are the cons to fill or repair, offers the most adorable looks are always pleased the boy. Appearance care does not mean that you do and make her a different person, just you know proper attention to the body also makes the guy 'Shedding' ages.

6.Khong flashily Know clear distinction between the sensual charm and garish. Son, just like the beautiful girl known as an efficient cars and not spread at all costs to turn his paper into a swan. Especially teen girl, after all, the simplicity and purity of food always.

7.Nuoc flowers - fragrance Many scientific experiments have shown that boys are often motivated by the natural scent, sweet and mild. Let your body show unique scent. Like radiating flower incense to attract butterflies bees. Still, do not overdo it too much of you. A girl with the aroma concentration anonymously it will be extremely offensive.

8.Tu Never information proved subservient or overly submissive guy. Today is the time of the active girls. If you combine the two elements harmonize traditional and modern, it will be great. A girl in front of people to believe in yourself, everything will be gravity magic mark.

9.Bi Insurance Like a detective story, want to know the contents, must overthrow the individual pages, read more and find more attractive, more compelling to read more. Please ask for a sign decoding guy, but avoid fancy, confusing, distant.

10. A girl humor humor will likely bring much joy. A funny girl in a smart and grace will help him escape from the situation "dangerous." The humor also shows you your full of vitality and love life.

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