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10 things women hate most modern

Today, women are more fastidious, rigorous in the assessment, which requires many things. Men should know that she hates to be easy to conquer their appearance! stingy

Men terrible thing that all women are away from the stingy man. They counted every penny they earn and grumbles, including ordination to spend money when buying something.
Women, especially girls, and that modern money, afraid to love, they will not receive any flowers because it is a "luxury" or if they get the shirt or object page any power, he will dress as the price for all the people they met!

weak, sentimental
Only the second row miser, sentimental man is something that women hate. Many men, to show my love, always proved weak type "without you, then you die", is a little angry, "Goodbye children" ... This sentence to a woman relented, but tired .
It is not something boring with a lover when he failed again hissed like a child and say the words nhach waste.
The women need men, is a strength endurance, is the deep steady, a shoulder is strong enough, not just the tears were flowing. Request a weak man suffered consequent horrible for women!

Women hated having to walk or sit with men like "explosion." "The guy I have, I wonder, when I did it for a drink together!", "The BMW hustle, cha is like buying time" ... Try to imagine, will accompany his girlfriend so ashamed What a man before firing such lia lia?
Speaking to the crowd as impolite, speaking to the "explosion" is more and more terrible. All work will be shown when you work and what you have, not boastful way to introduce yourself!

Many of the road he uttered a joke flirtations next girlfriend, no matter what, the man everybody. But the column is not to talk. Contacts who also say: "Look at me, he just wanted a bite," said many times before, this is the destination column.
And even normal friends, colleagues or relations girlfriend, who also pillars never be respected. Many men do not imply the release said several key questions, but listeners are scared.

Engineering calculation
Have you guys to girls playing house, found her a bit messy room or wear her shirt a few days ago still hanging on with , unwashed, had hastily fled because she was sloppy ... There must be carefully calculated so do not you?
Having carefully consider the level of dissatisfaction anyone buying furniture, he could tell Peak cell wall shop selling delicious apricot, the other as well ... Can you roll a good husband, but is actually the girls would be afraid to contact the man "knows something like this!

The arrogant
The men surely be raised and his haughty wife often late. They see others with eyes of "superiors" and that everyone is "do it", never even bother to keep an eye on "the bottom".
The arrogance is often high in the cold, scornful attitude and the words stung. Can still arrogant but very cute, why you must create a face unpleasant way?

Lack of confidence
This is some diseases of man. Because there are special circumstances, some people wear their feelings about, such things do not earn much money or talk to her mother was strict, so do not dare invite someone to the house, who then found self-esteem because her parents not rich ...

Remember, you are only required for progress, then all the deficiencies you have, will be covered and do not have to hesitate or lose confidence . Life is very fair and nobody is perfect, think this, you will feel much more confident.

Man peach flowers
form the This is suitable for you, but it is difficult to accept as her husband. Really kind of man women like to talk, but to keep this man, it was hard.
In this form the man, always emanate a certain reflected glory, is very attractive. Acknowledged that, as this person also has sex again, if women do not ignore the high hands and knows everything, for sure, they dare not love this man!

dry as tiles
Yet you do not pour out like tiles or had no feelings whatsoever. Women do not like weak, but the words before softening and romantic gestures are interested in private.
If you can not talk, if you are true to the extent to which home fans knew meditating, mail in the radio ... see you are indeed wrong.
honesty and dry are two different things together, the mouth edge and said talk is not a talk and said, expressed concern that shows you how to pull yourself and others near a rich spiritual life.

story Xue deleted in the dress, there would not normally affect anyone, even you I can excuse that easy, simple ... but dirty is another thing.
Clothing Xue deleted does not mean neck tank dress has a black streak artist, sometimes going several days without any change or pants ... beef up without down. Wearing dirty shame that someone accompany you, and tell the truth, it does not deserve any bit of pride.

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