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10 things to love him in your

fragrance oil hair care are catalytic wonderful feeling to work, do not be surprised if a guy looks in the direction so impressed with your hair. The little guy taking strawberry flavor, but they enjoyed the smell of this woman.

smile from you

Do not cover your mouth when you smile, laugh a natural way because it shows that you know make fun. The boys like girls are naturally more tired she was running according to a style.

Scented Lip

Every 5 boys and 4 shall have to accept that a sweet lips make a kiss more passionate, as long as you do not hit too thick lip.

way you love the little things

He noticed everything make you charming, from small backpack to a tiny pair of earrings. Sometimes the guy just because you peek pretty cute bracelet glittering wrist fits dress you wear. For boys, the subtlety of a girl who is always cozy and deep impression.

Cheeks flushed when you feel ashamed or embarrassed

You hated when he first blush, but you know the pink cheeks, sheepish smile melted his heart was not?

ability to keep secret

When your guy need to talk about his scuffle with his brother, he would never talk with friends on the team ball because you can much more reliably.

not afraid to cry

Sometimes you cry because watching a movie , perhaps he will tease you for it but he loved the way you leaned on his shoulder and cried Gil.

obsession with your phone

How often do you trade the phone with her best friend does not? Sometimes bizarre actions make you more feminine and mysterious.

Way you dance

Even if you're not good at dancing Christina Aguilera, people think you are so adorable and daring as you dare step into the dance floor and make things more exciting.

A strange name

You are not very confident with the name his parents gave you, but do not worry because the enemy might think of the name, why he is charming. Be confident with what I have of you.

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