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10 reasons why he "not a going back"

end the first appointment, you feel very satisfied and waiting for his phone. It's disappointing because he did not feel what sauna. The call would never come, because:

1. He too ashamed

Not that he is also confident and strong. Many men do not call you just because so ashamed. Make sure you have the number of men, and actions to move toward things you want.

2. You did not request payment in the first date

Most men who feel comfortable paying for first appointment. However, they still prefer women to be paid or proposed "saw double" for two meals. If you seem to want to take advantage of this appointment for a free meal, do not expect the appointment Monday.

3. You do not have the attraction

They love through his eyes. So the first appointment if you are not pretty, not attractive, he will not ask you to continue dating. Do not flashy hair dye, makeup too dark, otherwise he will be "getting away"!

4. You talk too much about yourself

Do not confuse between confident and cocky. The men who are attracted to confidence, but not cocky. If you talk too much about yourself, he will disappear fast. You should try to create an intimate conversation between two parties, to listen and share just enough to feel he wants to learn more about you during the appointment Monday.

5. You talk about old boyfriends

A taboo is to talk about ex-boyfriend in the first appointment. In particular, you should not mention that two people remain the best friends of each other. This will make you less attractive in the eyes.

6. You hear the phone

conversation frequently interrupted by phone ringing continuously, whether you're trying to finish quickly is making him unpleasant. Similarly, if your message. Even the message may also be considered more impolite.

7. You speak to, or act rude

In the first appointment, nothing is worse than the impression you speak to or be rude actions.

8. You lie

This story is common to the two know each other over the network. What happens if you tell him you're a beautiful girl, ideal height, his university degree in Russian literature, until he discovered the truth do not be like this? Be honest when talking about himself.

9. You miss the signs of him

While he wanted to kill close to you, you sit out because he felt hot service. He may think you do not like, or reject him. This will help him understand not need to do more to date.

10. He met someone more interesting than you

If a first date, you are not so sure what. Can he still in love with the old, or he met someone attractive than you. As a first date should not necessarily think he call you back. If you do not receive a call within a week, forget this guy go and find a new appointment.

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