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10 gestures to love him

Many girls do not know that he will love you more even if you only show affection by their actions and subtle little ..
1. Men are afraid of being unable to make their women happy. So, do not forget to smile. Always optimistic, even when the two of you are in a difficult situation or when he accidentally makes you resentful.

A smile to go with gentle words: " Never mind him. Things will be satisfied with very fast "to show you that the woman said calmly and sympathy. That will make him remember.

2. Sometimes dressed as a little break. If you do office work, always have to wear a uniform or vest, shirt, please fill out the jean shorts and tight T-shirt when you go shopping with him. Conversely, if you work dynamically with the neat suit skirt should be replaced with soft flowers.

3. If you have a good song, please clam clam that he liked the song at any time: cook, clean the house ... He will find you a cute thing in common that, when necessary, he may can be easily shared.

4. Occasionally, make up a particular day to ask him the excuse to celebrate with you. For example, you are assigned a project manager colleague dream big, you get good news from family or simply when you feel incredible ... Remember, this is art, not ... lie. He will feel more important when you are "invited" to participate in the event of your sense.

5. When his business trip, Do not call too much lest he felt disturbed and inspection. Only private messages to the phone, telling people who love to know what you are doing. As such he fully understood that you were thinking about him and make him remember the moments that you two still share with each other daily. This is important because even though he knows that he is not with you, you still keep the habit between the two and you are looking forward to returning to the same guy doing it.

6. Now go play with his friends, , praise him at least once before their talents or a clear gesture of his love with you. He would like to see you guys do and what inspires you guys interested in more.

7. Changes inherent to scent your body In a strange perfume you've never used before. The new guy makes fun of this attention and stimulate desire in men. Doing so means you dagay a surprise for him incredibly feminine and sexy.

8. At least once a month , please invite me to go somewhere within a day. Get out of which two living people, enjoy fresh air in a certain romantic spot in the suburbs such as fishing, sailing home, enjoy the sunset by the river ...

9. And he kissed your lips every time you meet or say goodbye. Who are standing in front of guy friends, you change direction deviates more than cheek or lips close to the corners. Kiss this anomaly as a message but he remained whether you have personal freedom, they can kiss each other as friends. He will be very interested. But remember, "push" him out by this small action made him more "stick" to you only.

10. When he became tired and irritable after a working day are not favorable, gently massage your shoulder or back to the guy and put him into the hands of those drinks or snacks favorite guy.

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