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10 "Tips" for the first "release"

To debut was perfect, do not forget to "put the bag," the "Tips" below your offline

1. Make sure that you have to dress "standard" . Standard = A + here is not trendy, but always = "Gu" of parents who did. It will certainly know his parents love him / her in the wings, how simple, fussy ... So, get the other one a little advice on how to dress your offline. The first impression is also quite important. Before you "hit the road", go to the other one "approved" once more to "make calls" home.

2. Learn about the family prior to banner g. These very basic issues such as including those who, like how each person is indispensable, for ease of greeting that. Avoid, she is the youngest, her papa little older, you come home do not know ... he is a bit called "salt in" jog.

3. Listen more than talk . Led the way to the right story for adults, ie parents loved. Nobody likes a guy / girl first time have linked to the airy, natural "overdose."

4. Should not "stick" to get the other one , one on the house, you were home, one to the kitchen, you also go by, plus take care talk to people who love you are "losing points" deep herein. Attention should spend, spend time close, chatting with family and loved him. The purpose of the debut is for you to meet my parents, brothers who have that?

5. Please bring a gift what e in, although it is extremely simple but also demonstrates the interest and thoughtful of you know.

6. Know how to master time, no "red flag" at home loved for so long , but just sat down and clicked on the group also does not shrink oki. This issue continues to be the "the mastermind" of the people, whenever ... at a glance that he / she should nod, the new "report back" slightly.

7. Do not forget to praise anyone in the family of the person . The "winged words" always make people happy and love you more.

8. Prepare psychologically stable, most likely you will be "inspired" it very carefully . Avoid because of a "smile hidden meaning of your kid makes you lose all confidence set, and counter action is not quiet up.

9. After the premiere, please show him or her know about your good impression to our family . He'll be happy you do not love him / her, but also for the loved ones of that to him / her again.

10. Remember to ask the "Oanh price" of our family for you offline .

Wishing you a perfect launch!

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