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Schedule of love

Love is difficult to define but said nothing to talk outlined a perfect schedule. But according to psychologists, love is a process of multiple development stages.

Phase 1

The passion of new love incipient. This period was the most talked about novels and films. Sense to grab a very interesting person makes your heart beat faster and the process was pretty much upset. At this point, you feel very difficult to sleep and something to cling to him alone. You always miss him at all times and next time they seem very well not be enough.

The emotional intensity, but this is the stage should not rush to get married. This passion is abundant but marriage requires two people to really know each other as well as psychological preparation carefully.

Stage 2

This is the second stage are putting people start to place your hands together ... and eat. Romantic evenings in cafes, go to the concert together. Flowers and gifts to make two people feel extremely elated. But this is also threatening to stage your financial situation.

The most important thing is two people to prove their faith and sincerity in each other during this time. How well does not need his hand at another restaurant or movie theater. What you should be sure he will be present at 2 am if you need help. Two people should change their habits out together by cooking a dinner.

Stage 3

Two people have made understanding of each other, the advantages and disadvantages.

In the past, trying to "drop saw" you, he can borrow money to ask you out. For now, he can share with you any difficulties. Both believe in each other. And then, double happiness, challenges halved. Two people who truly are good friends.

You might not be similar but they both day and night you will think of him as you are sad or in pain. You love them not by their magic at first you believe that human beings simply because they, because of the way the two together through the joys and sorrows of life.


Flame - Outlook On Life

In a frigid mountains of northern India, the road usually kept warm by a small clay pot, the coals on the lid and sealed. Then they get taught that technology around the pot and then use fabric towels again. When going out, they steal the incubators on the people to get warm. The man had three go to the temple. They should just go away from the road as they leave a vacuum and then go forward. In a long holiday, one of them saw some pedestrians twitched sit together cold.

He hastily opened the incubator to get fire out of his cage for bait their village for all people are warm. Once there, he has saved many lives nearly frozen to death in the cold cold night of northern India. Then the group hit the road again. Late night. The road never taken a dark starlight. Monday pedestrian open his cage heating to ignite the torch he was carrying. Light from the torch has helped the group who can hit the road safe. Third person laughed at two of his companions: "You are a bunch of crazy. There are shows every night is crazy to waste any of his fire like that." Listen, they told him: "Let us see your fire."

I open his cage warm out, alas, the fire took off from ever sip, leaving only a few pieces of coal ash flickering and dying. With its flame, one has to go warmth, the other for the light. Tuesday was the only person to hold their fire for the fire extinguished, but he will not get anything and it will not help anyone.


How to write love letters "basic"

in love, not that you'll ever work up the courage to tell her to person that you love them how. Since those days, it was known to borrow a pen to write love letters to immortality. So how to write a letter tih according to your heart ?

Write from the heart : Let's say what you really think and vibration. Do not let your mind interfere with what you are writing.

short : Message as briefly as possible. A writer is someone who knows or savings terms. You remember the advice of the famous American writer Mark Twain: "When in doubt of anything, just dismissed it."

Write honestly , is not restrictive: Please write with true emotion and your natural. When writing this, you begin to feel your vibration to the reader and each of your sentences will have a vitality.

Write a unique way : Do not drop yourself in the empty phrases, easy. Please write with your language for only the relationship of you.

honesty: Honesty is the foundation of a loving relationship. Be honest when you express your love on paper. This means you must learn to recognize that the deepest feelings of you and express them freely.

If the words of love is worth a longer sentences in love many times more valuable. Since then, the writing and reading messages can be read many times.


Quotations love part 6

LIST DELICIOUS West: Essential Recruitment
Sometimes women do not hide the man who knows all the delusion that she is where young men while pretending to reveal all to her the delusion that he did not feel. (La Bruyere)

The woman should have to choose: the man is the woman of her love, she did not feel safe. With the man not the woman of her love, she felt happy
(A. France

Men often look down on any woman who dedicate themselves to them even though they have something interesting to appropriate women with the power of the victors.
The situation is very easy to make and keep friends easily
The challenge is to earn and retain the people you love. (DUC DE Levis)

happy memories no longer a happy anniversary
suffering is not suffering subside. (G. Byron)

this world No more gods no more beautiful than the sun god,
There is no magic flame than the flame of love. (M. GORKI)

Love is like honor, once It is never lost again. (N. Henrik Abel)

Love, which is an ocean and did not know about all of us swim in it, everyone on
his own ship, every man is a captain steering the ship under its own path. (MVPRISVIN)

plainspoken as the burning of women kissing ...
I will because the truth was that running a vacuum on the coals. (A. TOLSTOI)

All the beauty of life through the power of love for woman .

tongue of love in his eyes. (Phineas FLECHER)

forced to love the things worth believing in ceremony most doubt. (GRANDHI)

The immense magical love is connected with the living death.
It will be full of sorrow and joy. (R . Tagore)

Can not catch the first time asked to be quiet.
First love is associated with an intense joy,
need disclosure, not nue it will make lovers asphyxiation. (A. Dumas)

* Equality is the solid basis of love.

* The largest fish is a fish jumps out of the net. Goat forest is fattest goat sliding shot. The most beautiful woman is the woman that put him away.
(Da Proverb -hate-Pakistan)

* Love is a disease that consists of three phases: Desire - appropriation - boredom.
(mei - Khan)

The character of the human person, the stronger the more faithful in love.
Hope is the magic wand of love to overcome all obstacles.

W. Shakespeare
The rich love most people only have one love, but that does not change our love.
change gastric Mr. Zac
the most valuable virtues of women as the smoother Easy.

The Marxist Happiness and health: when people are not aware of it, ie have it there.
I. Tuoc boat Import

Less said is the most beautiful jewels of the girl.
Dutch Proverb

man as noble as the love of their faithful.
R. Romans potatoes

Xa how to love as wind to fire: it blew small flame fanning the flames, but great.
R. Ra bu message

Beauty reviews dignity in the eyes, but to conquer hearts.

Alexander Pope is beautiful and love, it's just the worst woman
knows how to make your adorable, that's the princess.
J. Barbey Daurevily

If fear of offending each other, never in love.
Gustave Flaubert

Where there is no treatment that is true, then in half does not want to hear the truth, and half are willing to lie.
One could charm a heart by false, but it can only conquer a heart with sincere hearts. Krassovsky

Love can be all the comfort, safety can Board at the troubles it has caused.
P. Rochipedre

love and happiness as shown with the ball. If we protect the happiness will love true, if not otherwise protected will love, happiness is an illusion.

Want to be happy in the family, wanted an ideal, we must first ask whether you have the ideal or not?

Lelend Fosterwood They say first love or love is the most beautiful, But the last love is everlasting love.
Jean Paul Sartine

True love irrespective of age, status, fame ... It flattened everything. Lope De Vegas

In the family, the more powers than the husband, but the wife is actually the most powerful person there.

Me say a person is easy. that's hard to love people.

Marcel Ayme Married data even though gentle, you will benefit
_ If gentle wife You will be happy man and wife data
_ If you will become ... philosopher!

Bergson married poem that is translated into text down.

Bourgeat Before marriage, but try to open eyes that
After marriage, if possible, you should close your eyes.
De Benjamin Franklin

When you find a hundred years, men have a difficulty finding
3 _ A _ are two beautiful people who

_ decency are three general Honore De Balzac love

The suffering of his wife is having a lazy husband
The suffering of a husband whose wife is the Joneses.
George Brassen

As a lover, most men like sexy girl sexy and easy dai.Vi have the new man looks like, and is easy on the new man to win recovery. But when getting married, the man likes the girl and indecent decency. As the dapper man new respect and decency are not new concerns of the other guys eyes on André Chenier

True love requires endured many hardships and challenges.
Thomas Campton

The love story is never enough time nor excess . Though written thousands of thousands each letter is not going to be missed is sadness in the hearts containing two people are in love. The love letters only helps alleviate that somewhat, but never missed empty shallow
loved Napoleon. 1er

Below dress dress is usually a soul superficial, shallow.
Madame DE SALM

In front love, or who flee are often the most winners.

Voltaire Love means respecting each other compromise.

Want to know how to love, they must learn to live for someone you love. Living for someone you love that is love.

Godwin for the Dead someone you love has been difficult, for the one you love life more difficult.
love expressed through employment rather than words.
Adults "I love you so I want everything belongs to you. "immature person," You need a something in me so I love you. "Erich Promm

A miracle happened to those who are in love: the more give away much more and more.
Rainer Maria Rilke

True love has no happy ending because true love has no end.
Do not live life to someone who can live with. < br /> Be with people that can not live without.
You can admire a beautiful girl, but you can only respect and love with a girl because my heart.
In mathematics love, one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing.

Mignon McLaughlin true love is not love conditions.

John Powell Love can do these things if you can not follow your heart.
Love never have too many, because of Love is never enough.
Only new jobs make dreams come true.
For the world, he is just a grain of sand. But for me, he is a wide sea.
Love is like the hourglass: the reason my heart is empty, then filled.
No love for the beautiful. Because love should feel beautiful new John Donne

love from my heart, not from reason.
Love is love and wish you an appointment.
love someone you will always smile no matter what's funny came out.
not lost just because of love expressed. Losing because of hidden love.
you love is truly not expect anything. That is completely accepts them. Karen Casey

Do not go ahead, he can not keep up. Do not go back, I can not see you. Be paired with him full of life.
George Fox

heart to see what eyes can not see and understand what the reason can not understand.
Do not become a bookworm. A little love is precious than a library.

John Wesley Love based on beauty will soon as beauty, dies.

John Donne Love only be hopeless love hopeless in the eyes of the unbelievers.
Jean Zheng

distance is not an obstacle which is the most beautiful evidence of the power of love .
When we love, we also forgive each other mistakes. LA.ROCHEFOUCAULD

The sufferings of the husband as a jealous wife. The size of wives whose husbands are funny Jacque Rousseau J.

daughter indecent dress and often the most noticed ALFONSE Karr

Want to keep love is a great way how to make him jealous a little bit lost lover
Want a great way is to make him jealous a little bit for a little bit longer

true love is always clean, it is located in the heart, not in the senses. LACORDAIRE

It is not really love if people do not always love the bad ones of someone you love
List Languages ​​Spanish

If a stone, make a rock magnet, if the plants, trees or virgin, if the person, please is dedicated to love.

In love we started with rhetoric and ending with philosophy.

In love with two fidelity: one is due to people constantly discover new, interesting things where someone you love, the second is because people find themselves while living with noble fidelity LA ROCHEFOURCAULE

Reason searching but found a new heart.
virtuous woman hit with tear jealous.
John Gay

When confronted, the woman said to the man that her indifference, said quietly with whom she falls in love and kept quiet with people she loves Rochebrume

What comes from the heart, it will go to the heart
G. Piet - French

People love with each of the on happiness, but few understand that the greatest happiness is to understand each other
K. Paustopki - Russia

Nothing more noble, nothing more respectable fidelity

Cicero Love need to dream as well as the lungs need oxygen.
With men, living and loving individual
For women, love is lifetime.
God created man, that it alone is not enough, it went for a woman to do it the way you feel poignant than his loneliness.
We Please make women beautiful for the poor man of imagination.
love, trust, happiness, the best way to keep happy is to accept what I have.
No Love is not jealous. Jealousy in love is also in doubt.
If you also love fire as love, friendship can say light without heat, while the burning love and shine at the same time.
Madeleine de Scudery

Just three seconds to say "I love you", 3 minutes to answer the "why you love me?", invited me 3 hours to go separate, three weeks to hold you, kiss you three months to 3 years to get married and you ... 30 years to prove I love you forever "...
* UK only to suffer for you all ... maybe that is why I love anh.Boi because it's easy to forget the joy, but it never hurts. (LERMONTOV)

* never happen I loved the story that the girl did not haybiet - believed to have expressed their love with a voice, an eye, a light touch. (G. Greene)

* For weak love is a sad ba.Doi game with a strong love is a kind of brandy. (P. GERALDY)

* Nothing noble and valuable than the common water. (Cicero)

* Love is love silent sacred heart lieng.Trong shaded hidden love shining like a pearl. In the strange daylight, love lu a painful blur. (Tagore)

* Love is believing in things that can not. (Barbett Elizabeth Browning)

* love the guy does not lie in heart that in his eyes. (Shakespeare)

* Love is sympathetic. dai.Cho Learn not only a long moment the most spirited time. (Anonymous)

# Love looks remotely like drops of bile, but as they approached it was a long tear lanhw: Lope De Vegas
# True love irrespective of caste, age, status ... It's fame to by all. It is the god of love cam.w: Lope De Vegas
# Love is the star which men walk looked at by many as a hole He drains the legs so occupied that fall xuong.w: DE VEGA LAPE
# Love means that other people would be happy, not a desire for myself, but hope for someone you love and try to best effort to do it. - Aristotle
# Love is something, where they come from and end the problem, I do not know.-Madeleine de Scudery
# Love is great .
#-Robert Browning Love is the miracle of civilization. - Stendhal
# Love is the child born by the poet whip so that it will not damage the body. - Samuel Bulter
# Love is like measles, everyone must go through. - Jerome K. Jerome
# Love is like measles, old beds, the new disease was not coughing or anything. - Douglas Jerrold
# If there is no desire, love is the weakness of the soul. - William Congreve
# Love is the noblest frailty of spirit. - John Dryden
# Love, a serious mental illness. - Plato
# love is no longer comparable. - Benard Grasset
# In love, is the most loved and compare. - Jacques
# Dyssord of love is the wisdom of the wild, wild is what's wisdom. - Samuel Johnson
# Love means never having to say sorry. - Erich Segal Love
# Love was the first greetings of the angels as stars. - Victor Hugo
# Having wound worse than a fake love? Sophocle
# Love is not looking at each other, but is looking together in one direction. -
# Saint Exupery Love is passion for something not required, on the contrary, everything required for it. - Madeleine de Scudery of love is
# smoke made with the fume of sighs. - Shakespeare
# There is only one love only, but it has thousands of different copies. - La Rochefoucauld

Love makes elapsed time;
time making love embryonic phase.

*** When love wants to speak, reason must

*** wiser woman
by men they know little, but to understand more.

* **

reviews beauty in the eyes, but the dignity
conquered hearts.

*** Beauty is power,
smile is its sword

*** Love is the greatest embellishment. Love makes natural bloom flowers, it sings the most wonderful songs and dances of the whirling splendor.

Lunas A. I always believe our first love is last love together and last love is our first love Why Melville G.

People must learn to love and to undergo the painful way to achieve it ... . and the journey is always towards the souls of others.

DH Lawrence Love is the spirit of children. Whenever you have asked whether it has become a holy child children no more no less.

Western dominance of love like the right of the king, did not accept to share.

how high the water would not extinguish love, pushed to where the river dug nor filled up.

biblical definition of love is simple English. It is harmony between two souls of men and women.
JJ Rousseau

In love, one does not suspect a thing, or doubt everything.

In love we started with the rhetoric and ending with philosophy.

J. Dyssord love life just is stuffed suffering, living in happiness, love will die.

De Girardin pride in love is like interest in friendship.
G. Sand


Rendezvous point

Without the luxurious place, only a certain angle to the center point of dating is also becoming .
love of the young rising cry for help because there is no place for their privacy. Every one loves a different way so they look for their own meeting place
Here are the results of interviews with" pocket "the pair are not officially in love.

Location is the most popular dating ... Park
Reason: open space, not expensive entrance fees. Just find out where the ideal is located spoiled ... pour elect said.
Second Place suburbs
Reason: this little place, charming landscapes, vehicles are not known "torture." What's more interesting scene said two people have while watching the kite move stamping.
However, if this place so desolate and dating in the dark as it seems you two are not consistent at all.

appointment place Tuesday, outdoor stage musical
Reason: This is very ideal destination for students.
This place is often crowded, there are many opportunities for you guys hold hands and walk away to avoid crowded, misplaced. No relationship was less sharp after his trip to charming "musical adventure like this.
café ... no problem
reason: To this rendezvous "fee" not too expensive, music is mellow, lyrical. Both can rate everything together in heaven, the earth without fear of disturbing ...
Thursday Location: On the bridge
Reason: Very romantic, not the other emotions in the film! However, if you are not vigilant, your vehicle may not be the wings that fly it!
Friday Place: Avenue
Reason: The fun just dating him while watching passers-by who is also very interesting for the young. If you find any trees the better. Just the glass of sugar cane, coconuts are the two you should be comfortable "eight" without costing any money! Remember not to show too much emotion in explicit actions. This will make it a civilized city poor

Saturday Venue: House of Love
Reason: No less he argued:" Where to go around for fatigue life ", should have the opportunity or has time the "flight" to the people who love dating.
not just to remind parents about now, just enjoy the delicious dishes cooked by her. Happy when he was doing anything by her, and can be paid by surprise kiss, nothing better than
Cinema, theater
Reason: is a bit of classical and romantic, but has never been "all-fashion". Together to enjoy the movie or the play or to feel deeply, they would be even closer together. Learning from the movies, theater is a way to make new love.

Ninth Place: Restaurant
Reason: Very simple, because so busy with work together just in time to take care of the stomach and enlist chat. Rendezvous restaurant became the love of busy people. Met here, the more they love and sympathy with each other.
Tenth Meeting is the place ... no name
reason: There are places that do not know what to call. Where two lovers meet, where the HCMC. Sometimes it's just a street corner, alley, wharf ... Love the place light up the most seemingly ugly into the most beautiful places. The strange thing is that of love

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